Free Wallpaper Inspiration Make a LifeHad to share this wallpaper I found on – A very simple message – Never get so busy making a living that your forget to make a LIFE! – A very simple message that everyone should remember.

Are you putting your real life on hold while you are at work trying to make a life that you forget you already have a life? Sometimes people put making money higher on their list of priorities then actually having a life. Do you remember your Friends, Family, etc while you are putting your career ahead of your life. What good does having money and that next bigger  and better item if you are not there to share and use the rewards of your hard work. Remember there really is more to life then just making money. Questions to ask yourself? Does your son await you to come home from work to play with you but you work late and put your family second? Do you cancel time out with friends to stay at the office – You need to make time for yourself to live and enjoy life to the fullest. This reminds me of that quote of the old man on his death bed saying I wish I stayed at the office longer, I wish I skipped lunches out in the park, I wish I put off the hikes in the park to work more. Of course you will never hear that. So what are your priorities in life? Today is that day that you sit back – take a deep breath and see where you are going, what you are doing, and use all the tools you may have at your finger tips (GTD, Organization Tools, Franklin Covey System, Index Cards, Notecards, etc…) and set your priorities. Make sure you schedule some time for yourself and MAKE A LIFE.

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