Sim Aquarium - Free Simulation Game While you BrowseFor some strange reason I enjoy relaxing while looking at some fish swim by and when I was using my Opera Browser the other day I got to play with SimAquarium.

I usually switch up between Firefox or Opera depending on what I am doing. (Yes, I rarely use IE much anymore – And I suggest the same to you – Check out and See why IE is NOT SAFE)

The Opera Browser has what they call Opera Widgets that you can use to enhance the Opera Browser. One of the new and popular widgets is the SimAquarium – This aquarium gives you $100 to start out with – where you have to purchase some fish – and hope they breed. After you have a few baby fish you can sell them back to the store to allow you to upgrade your lights, backgrounds, filters, and buy other types of fish.

Bonus – Build up your Money and get to purchase a Dolphin for your Aquarium.

Screenshot 1ScreenShot 2ScreeShot 3

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