Haddo's Delight - My Current Favorite Pipe TobaccoI just wanted to write a  review of my current favorite  pipe tobacco  that I got my hands on recently. It is called Haddo's Delight by G.L. Pease. 

Here is what it states on the back of the can:

Haddo's Delight is a stout blend of virginia tobaccos with a generous measure of long-cut perique. Unflavored black cavendish and a little air-cured ribbon provide fullness, body and a bit of extra strength. An exclusive process then darkens and marries the mixture. The Flavor is full on the palate, earthly, slightly sweet and intriquingly piquant, with overtones of figs and raisins. A wonderful blend for the perique lover.

I have to agree – when you take in the smell from the can it is slightly sweet to the smell (I thought it smelled like raisins as well) I did find when I first opened the can that this tobacco was a little too moist and didn't really like this right out of the can. I put this aside for a few weeks and when I got back to it it was much drier and the taste from the pipe was a much smoother more flavorful blend. Several of the reviews on Tobacco Reviews also state the same thing. While I smoke this tobacco – I feel it is somewhat earthy with a wonderful spicy taste. I really love how much flavor comes through the whole smoke. The Smoke is very pleasant and inviting not harsh to the nose. I highly recommend this smoke but open the can and let it acclimate to the climate and dry out a tad to become I am sure a favorite of yours as well. 

This tobacco can be a nice addition to a nice glass of scotch and a relaxing evening. Check out my friends blog for a good recommendation for a wonderful scotch

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The Original Page for this on G.L. Pease is here.

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