So this will sorta be off topic today – But I watched the Super Bow last evening – I usually enjoy watching for the advertisements more then the game its self (Except last year when the Steelers were in it) I have to say I really was disappointed this year. There really was no one advertisement that just really stood out.


I have to admit I did like the Snickers Commercial Called The Kiss, and I liked the FedEx Commercial and the First Office on the moon.

The Taco Bell Commercial with the two lions (I felt was pretty lame – But at least it was original) 

The Coke Commercial are all ones I have seen in the past and so don't get a vote for me as I thought the super bowl commercials were to be new and exciting. 

I did like the the commercial for e-trade and what you can do with one finger. That was creative.

The Bud Commercial for the Beer stealing crabs – was just a 3.0 out of 5.0 Creative but why?

The Career Builder Commercials – Those were much better then the monkey commercials from last year. Not even sure it was for the same company but still better.

And that sales Genie commercial – just plain dumb.

But have to give too thumbs up to Sierra Mist for the Beard Comb Over. Original and Creative.

I also have to give two thumbs up for Nation Wide and the Life Comes at you Fast and K-Fed.

For a list of all of the super bowl Ads Check out

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