Tonight I got to talking to some friends about one of my absolute favorite music groups – The Blue Man Group. I have seen then Three Different times here in Pittsburgh (Once at The Coke a Cola Starlake Amphitheater – Once at the AJ Palumbo Center @ Duquesne University and Then Once at the Mellon (Civic Arena).  Besides seeing them here in Pittsburgh, I have also seen then when I was in Boston, MA and Have seen then Twice in Las Vegas. (But I can't Talk about that Remember what Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas {wink} {Wink}. So if you ever get a chance to see them do yourself a favor and go. You will not be disappointed. Just one word of warning. Don't show up late. They like to make fun of the people by putting them in the spot lite as they come in. It is alot of fun. Plus If you show up late you get to miss the famous LED signs that get the audience participating in the show before the show even starts. Plus now you can even text message the signs with your cell phone and have your messages appear and get some good laughs.

I have to say the Las Vegas shows were fun and the theater was built for them so it really is a great place to see them – But the Show in Boston was FANTASTIC the theater is quite small compared to the other theaters but I got some fantastic close up seats. I almost got some paint on me.

If you can't get to Vegas I would recommend getting a copy of the Blue Men Group DVD @ Amazon  Or you can get a Blue Man Group CD From Amazon As Well.


But now for your Enjoyment from You Tube – The Blue Man Group – Playing a Pipe and not smoking a pipe.



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