I just finished making of these tissue holders. No more needing to purchase the small boxes or the really rough tissue that rips your nose a new hole. I really wanted an easy way to have tissues in the car that I didn't have to toss on the back seat or just was just some lousy quality nose tissues (Ahh I love Puffs and Kleenex Brand with Lotion). Sorry I like comfort when I have to blow my nose. 

First, This project didn't take that long to do and it was not that expensive and can easily be refilled. And don't forget these are pretty cool looking. You can even decorate the cup if you are really feeling creative. I didn't but I know a few people that would take their kids image and print it out on their printer and glue it to the cup to have another photo of their kid to talk about. :-)  Well actually you can put what ever you want on the cup and make it happy as if you need a tissue you probably are not feeling too well.

Coffee Cup Tissue Holder 

For Complete directions Check out:
Curbly: How to Make a Coffee Cup Tissue Holder

Images for decorating the cup Just a few Samples From Google Images:

Germs for Coffee  Vacation Photos

A photo of some Germs or a photo of a nice Vacation Spot – Hmm – I could use a nice Cruise Ship or a nice sunny spot on a beach in Florida – Hey I have some friends in Fort Meyers – Hmmm I wonder if they have some room for me and my cat until Pennsylvania Thaws. Did I ever mention I hate  -ok- Despise Winter and the Freezing Rain – Snow – and all the salt all over the car. Yet alone getting sick. YUCK.

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