I have previously purchased some steaks from Omaha Steak Company and they are good. But by chance I got to try out some Steaks and Crabcakes from Sunrise Foods. All I can say is wow.

Yes every once in a while I like to invite a few friends over and have dinner and a movie. In fact we each share this task and cook dinner and share our favorite movies. Well, This time it was my turn and I went all out on the shindig this past weekend.

My friend Tom is who first introduced me to and told me to try out the home delivered foods from Sunrise Foods as they were the best he has ever tried.

Well, I visited their website and ordered their # 1 Sampler Pack (Crab Cakes and Garlic Lemon Chicken) and a package of steaks from them. The price was much better then when I purchased in the past from Omaha Steaks and I can honestly say the steaks are much much better as well.

Delmonico SteakYellowtail MerlotMy dinner included 3 friends and myself. What I prepared was a salad (Fresh Greens, some onions, tomatoes, and cukes), a baked potato, a green bean casserole, and a Delmonico steak for each of us.

My friend Dave bought the wine a wonderful Merlot a Yellowtail  Merlot from Australia – it paired nicely with the Delmonico Steak.

I cooked the steaks on a small propane grill that I have (I wish I had a bigger one) I didn't do anything to add flavoring or rub the steak with anything as I wanted to taste the true flavor of the meat. Plus I really dispise when you order a steak like at Outback Steakhouse and they "Flavor" it with their savory spices. I feel this ruins the true flavor of the steak. 

The Green Bean Casserole Turned out wonderfully – I got the recipe here 

I did nothing special with the baked potatoes except serve it with some sour cream, butter and a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese. I used a toaster oven set at 400 degrees and poked holes in the potato with a fork and set them in the oven for about 45 mins.

The dinner went well – Everyone absolutly loved the Steaks they just melted in the mouth and was full of flavor. The flavor was as I said earlier the best I have ever bought – I would highly recommend Sunrise Foods to anyone.

Framboise Lambic Ale Raspberry with CheesecakeDessert was just as remarkable – Heather brought dessert. That was a cheese cake from the cheesecake factory (She said she picked it up at Costco in their frozen food section) we got to pair that with a glass of Lindaman's Framboise Beer (raspberry). This paired so nicely with the cheesecake. I would recommend Framboise Beer. The history and how they make this beer is quite impressive and informative.

The movies I picked out for the evening were Casino and Citizens Kane – Both really good. Again movies I would recommend if you have never seen them before or really worth adding to your dvd movie collection. We didn't get to watch both as we ended up talking and laughing most of the evening.

I can't wait until the next Dinner and  Movie Night.

I want to thank my friend Tom for first introducing me to Sunrise Foods where I got to try the best Crab Cakes I ever had. They were huge and full of Crab Meat and no bread crumbs. Can't wait to try out the ones I purchased. Hmm maybe I will have some for dinner tonight.

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