I love reading about ways to try and make you smarter and the various tricks that can be used to help you look at life a little differently. Today I found an interesting article on 22 ways to overclock your brain. I have to admit some of the ways are common sense that we have heard for years. Such as Item #11: Be a Thinker – Not a Drinker. Remember that drinking helps kill off some of your brain cells when you get drunk but moderate drinking can help the brain latter in life.

Rule #12 is Fun – PLAY – Thats right play a game, do a puzzle, have fun but make sure you are doing an activity that challenges your brain.  

But I have to say Rule #16 Passion – Do what you are passionate about – I do that everyday and work and play and read about the things in life that make me tick and want to live. I love learning new and creative things, I love learning more about blogs and blogging, I love Photography, and that is all the things that keep me going. I firmly believe in this rule.

Now go out and have some fish – it is lent… 

Ideas from Ririan Project: 22 Ways to Overclock your brain.

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