A friend of mine was telling me about the Martha Stewart Show last week where she did a special mens day all about Mens Grooming. (No, he doesnt' watch it normally – His Wife Tivo's the show and called him in to share it with him) He told me they demonstrated how to do a wet shave. You know the kind I have talked about before using a nice lather with brush and then shaving with a good razor. Well I didn't have access to the Martha Stewart show but instead I came across this video that I am about to share with you. Today is the Introductory: Part 1 on how to wet shave. But first back to Martha Stewart show. He told me they recommend this book The Art of Shaving and their shaving products. I have personally used some of the products and they are great to use (just love the scent and feel afterwards) and the feeling that you get from shaving the correct way is a pleasure and not a chore as mentioned in the following video. 


Enjoy and part 2 will be coming soon.

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