Proraso Shaving Creams - Mens Wet Shave - Mens Grooming ProductsWell, I got to drive around to a bunch of Targets this weekend looking for some of the Miguelrius Journals as mentioned in a previous post. While I was there I looked at the SPA section of the store which is located in the women's cosmetics section of the Health and Beauty Area of the store. This area caries a couple of sections of Men's Grooming Products. Here you will find Proraso Shaving Products (Shave Cream, Shave Soap, Shaving Brush, After Shave Balm and more) and you can also find the Caldo Line of Mens Products (Soaps, Shave Products, Eau De Toilette Spray and again More Items) Target also had the Sharps Barber Brigade Products available (Quick Dry After-Shave Gel, Non Foaming Shave Gel, No Shine ace Toner, Clean Foam Face Wash/Scrub) What I was happy to see or not is that several of the Sharps Barber Brigade products were on Clearance From $7.99 marked down to $1.98 (That was the Quick Dry After Shave Gel)  They also had a set of Sharps Citrus Bite Set Marked down to $1.98 as well – Perfect for travel and I liked the lite citrus smell to them as well. Only a couple of the Caldo line were marked down. Some of the Eau De Toilette Sprays w Soap Combo was marked down from $14.99 to $3.74 – Again the smell of this product was quite pleasant to the nose.  I was happy to see the Proraso Line in stock – After reading all the Targets that have been out of stock seeing the ones closest to me in stock was a pleasant surprise. Note none of the Proraso Products were on clearance. (Whew) I wanted to try out this shave cream as many of the people on some of the shaving forums rate this quite highly. Proraso is the Number one barber product from Italy. This quote below is from Describing this Shaving Cream.

Created by Ludovico Martelli over 50 years ago, in Florence, Italy, PRORASO Shaving Products are still being made in the time-honored traditional way by the Martelli family. The Quality and Performance of PRORASO products has made them a staple in barbershops throughout Italy that has been discovered by visitors and transported worldwide.

PRORASO Sapone Da Barba,  "Original" (Green) Eucalyptus, Menthol, and Glycerin based shaving cream will transform your daily shave into an event to look forward to. Its tingle will invigorate you and its quality ingredients will provide a close shave without irritation.

PRORASO Sapone Da Barba,  "Wheat Germ" (Red) shaving cream contains wheat germ oil and is formulated to protect and lubricate the most sensitive skin. Permits a closer and smoother shave than ever before possible for those who need or want a gentler shave.



And In case your are interest below is a quote about Caldo Products from Targets Press Release:

The Caldo collection is designed for the modern, discerning man who seeks only the finest when it comes to his appearance. Packed with essential vitamins and crucial oils, Caldo formulas tailor to the specific needs of men’s skin including pre- and post-shaving treatments. Caldo’s distinctive fragrance paired with its simple, modern packaging is the perfect compliment to every man’s grooming wardrobe.

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