Proraso Shave BrushToday's Installment and video is about Lathering. This is about how to get the best lather from your shave soap and brush. As I have mentioned I am new to this and I am still learning about wet-shaving as well.

I am currently using a shave brush that I bought quite inexpensivly from a local old fashioned drug store. I think I paid about $6 or $7 for this brush. This is a boars hair brush which is a little stiffer then the badgers hair brush. Honestly I prefer a stiffer brush I like the feel and the action of the brush.  If you are looking for an inexpensive brush – Head on down to Target and check out the SPA Section in the near the women's health and beauty area. They are not located where you would think they should be in the shaving isle with all the other shaving products. These products in that isle are what they consider high end. The brush you can get at Target is the Proraso Shave brush as seen in the image above. While there you can pick up a tub or tube of the Proraso shave cream/soap. This is considered a very good shave cream and make a wonderful lather. This does contain Menthol, Eucalyptus and Glycerin. This combination on the skin give a wonderful base for the shave and has a nice wake me up scent. This cream will give your face a slight tingle/cooling effect from the menthol & eucalyptus which I really enjoy. With the combination of Hot Water, Brush and Shave cream I get a much better lather on my face then I ever got from the can shaving creams. In fact I learned that many of the propellants used in the can can often dry out your skin which is not a very good thing if you want a nice close shave. 

Well the video below will explain the whole process much better then I ever can. So, sit back and enjoy the show.


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