Megabus Bus PhotoJust saw in this evenings Pittsburgh Post Gazette that is coming to Pittsburgh. I just found this interesting that after many many years of being the only bus company to offer bus rides across the country that there will be another popping up when gas prices are starting to rise again.

Well Megabus doesn't offer as many stops as greyhound but what really is nice is the cost of a bus ride. I can do a round trip bus trip Leaving Pittsburgh Thursday Night arriving in Chicago Friday Morning and Returning Sunday Morning from Chicago and arriving back in the burgh Sunday Night. That full round trip will only cost me $9.50 Yes you read that right – Only Nine Dollars and Fifty cents. No gimmick the further in advance you order the cheaper the trip – Some trips are only $1 each way. Plus this is being run by a reputable company CoachUSA – Who does quite a bit of tour buses and bus trip rentals to various places like New England for Fall Leave Tours or to different Casinos.

You may wonder how they do it – well from what I gathered is that the best prices are when you order in advance – if you need a trip for tomorrow then you will pay more. And the only Hub is in Chicago – Here in Pittsburgh – You wait on the street corner until the bus arrives to take you to your destination. And the last reason they are cheaper is you MUST order your tickets off of the web. 

Megabus main hub is located in Chicago and from there you can catch a bus to (St Louis – Chicago, Ann Arbor, Louisville, Kansas City and more) See the Full Route Below.

Megabus Trip Map Guide 

I only mention this as I would like to visit Chicago this summer and take in a few of the sites (The Navy Pier, The Magnificent Mile and The City in General)  and I can not think of a better way to travel and see the country. I don't mind flying but if I can visit a city and return back for under $10 that is a deal or should I say STEAL.

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