Came home this evening and found a surprise package on my door stoop – Some Ink I ordered earlier in the week – I got some Noodler's Purple – I will have to take some photos of this ink and how it writes over the weekend – But I just wanted to feel in everyone – That so far I really love this color. It really is a wonderfully rich – regal – looking color.

Technically, purple when used as a general term in its most general sense is the name of the color group of many related colors such as violet, red-violet, heliotrope, lavender, mauve, magenta, indigo and lilac.

Yes, there are many names for Purple – In fact there are several purples available in Fountain Pen Ink form. (Nightshade, Purple Martin, La Coleuer Royal, etc…)

If you like the color purple then take a chance and purchase some Noodlers Purple ink.

Please Comment and let me know what your favorite ink color and brand is – I would love to hear what others like and use as I would love to try out some new things on my fountain pen. 

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