Merkur HD Razor - Heavy Duty RazorAs many have seen here on my blog that I enjoy the art of shaving – I have been using a Shave Brush to create a nice hot shaving lather to help me enjoy my shaving that much more – Well Today I steped up to the big time. I just received notification that my new razor is being shipped today and I should have it with in the week.

I just purchased a Merkur HD Razor (Heavy Duty Razor) – This is a nice beginner / new single edge shaver. Yes I am experienced in wet shaving but very new to the whole single blade razor. I will give you my updates as the week / month progresses. I have been shaving with a Gillette Mach 3 Razor and just had to purchase some new blades for this and their price is just getting out of hand. I got 4 blades for $9 – or $2.25 a blade – Since I get about 10 to 15 shaves out of a blade that is about $.15 to $.23 Cents per shave – Not that much I usually go through 3 blades a month or about $6.75 a month for just the blades alone. This is a total of about $81 a year – That is a pretty good savings.

Now that I just purchased a new handle (The Merkur HD Razor) the blades only cost $5.99 for a 10 pack of blades (These from what I read are the top of the line – Razor Sharp and the best quality that can be purchased – I am told you can also get about 10 to 15 shaves from a DE (Double Edge Blade Before Changing) – Here is the cost breakdown – $.59 cents per blade – or about $.06 per shave at the low end of the spectrum. This would still be 3 blades a month at $1.77 a month or $21.25 a year. This is a grand saving of $60 a year at the low end again. This more then covered the cost of the razor and all the accessories I am currently using even for the Gillette Mach 3 Wet Shaves. So just think how much can be saved over the lifetime of this razor. I do understand there is some learning curve with the double edge blades as the head of it doesn't pivot like a Mach 3 head. But I know I can handle the change. I can not wait.

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