Geo F Trumper Shaving Cream - Almond Trumper Shaving CreamI just received some Geo F. Trumper Shaving Cream. A close friend of mine that reads my blog received a straight razor kit as a gift / prize from a function that he attended for a local fund raiser.

He told me that never got into using the straight razor but he likes the straight razor as a cool letter opener.

The straight razor kit he received also came with the essentials needed for performing a good wet shave. He told me that this kit included the razor, one shaving brush, some mens skin care products, and two containers of trumper shaving cream. He told me he never used the shaving cream and figured I would want to try it out. So freecycling at it finest.

This Geo F. Trumper Shaving Cream has to be the nicest smelling shave cream I have ever smelled. I am not an expert but I have been stopping in some stores and smelling the various types to see which ones I like to use. I have not seen this Geo F. Trumper Saving Cream for sale at any of the local stores so I might just have to try and find a good price online when I eventually run of of this shaving cream.

What Geo F. Trumper Says on their webpage:

The Trumper Shaving Cream – Almond Range is exceptionally soothing and softening. Wrapped in a warm, refreshing, nutty aroma, the caressing touch of sweet almond nourishes a gentleman's skin in the notably luxurious way so truly unique to Trumper. The unique enriching properties of the almond range allow those with dry or normal skin to enjoy fully the pleasures of grooming.

Review: As the ad states the Trumper Shaving Cream is a very rich and wonderful smelling shaving product. The aroma of this is very pleasant and wonderful. Trumper Shaving cream comes in nice plastic tub allowing this to be used easily used with any brush. I use a old wide coffee cup / soup bowl with a handle.  In this I put in some hot watter and soak my shaving brush for several minutes while I wash my face and soften my stubble. Then I empty the hot water out of the cup and shake out the brush. I then run the brush several times over the top of the Trumper Shaving Cream in its tub. But I make the foam used to shave in the heated mug. I mix up the foam in the bowl for about 1 to 2 minutes of time. I find I don't waist as much of the shaving cream this way and the foam becomes very foamy and rich. During my trial run of Trumpers Shaving Cream I found it was very easy to get a very nice rich lather from this. And as I mentioned the aroma from this was very pleasant and soothing. I really liked the light floral and  just a hint of almond smell compared to the menthol smell from Prorasso Shaving Cream. The Lather went on very nicely and and the felt wonderful to the face. Honestly I could not tell if the Trumpers Shaving Cream was any better for cutting my stubble but it really left my face very smooth and my skin felt very good afterwards. So in my humble opinion if you want a nice combination floral and nutty aroma, rich lather, I would highly recommend purchasing a tub of the Trumper Shaving Cream.

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