Frustrated on HoldI had a horrible time this morning – I had to call and get some paperwork straightened out about my vehicle. I had to call the bank the used to have my auto loan and try and get them to send out some paperwork that dealt with a lean on my vehicle that doesn't exist anymore and had not since 2003. Well, this morning I went through Customer Support H E Double Hockey Sticks. I really despise those automated voice prompt systems. (And I used to work with one at my previous job) But they seem to be getting harder to use.

I used to know the trick of pressing 0 to get a customer support specialist – well now they switched up and when you don't press anything or keep pressing the wrong buttons it switches over to the computer telling you to please speak your answer instead of connecting to a human.

Is it me or do those computer voice recgnotion systems really make things worse. After I tried pressing 0 – I was put into the voice prompt maze – Say 1 for this – Say 2 for that – say 3 for anything but the human I desired to talk to (Heck I would have been happy to even talk to a script reading operator located in some foreign land).

Since my issue is not that common (At Least I hope is it not that common) to have it's own voice prompt menu item. I kept switching from menu to menu and back over a few again – trying to find the correct combination to get to a person or by chance to a menu system that may have what I was calling about.

Now – the really furious thing happened  – The computer said it was not sure what I wanted to do and was told to call back when I had had all the proper information and proceeded to promptly hang up on me. Ouch 17 mins wasted in a phone menu maze and then the system hung up on. Yes, HUNG UP ON ME – How rude and very poor customer service.

Well I proceeded to check the internet to find alternative ways to get ahold of someone at this bank – Which honestly I should have checked in the first place and was able to find this God Send of a website — Get Human .COM — Using the database I was able to find the 800 number (The Same One I previously called) and it had all the keystrokes I needed to get to a human being right away.

This time around I was talking to a live human that was able to help me in a matter of only a few minutes and was able to send me out all the paperwork I needed. Complete phone call 7 minutes. I am so happy that I found this website and I just had to share this experience with you.

Make sure you share this website with your friends and family. Print out a list and keep it in your daytimer if you use one. This can be a big timesaver for everyone.

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