The Boswell pipe: This is my favorite pipe I use when I get a chance to smoke a bowlfull of my favorite pipe tobacco. Currently I am still smoking some of Haddos Delight and I picked up some Plain Nut from my Local Smoke Shop. This boswell pipe has been with me for a few years. I got this as a gift when I started working at my last job. What a wonderful give to be given to me. This really is a nice smoker and didn’t require any break in at all.

I really like the looks and how this feels in my hand when taking a few puffs. What is pretty nice it the bowl takes a generous amount of pipe tobacco so you don’t need to re-fill it that often. This is good when you are sitting back and reading a book or doing some research on the net.

Below you can see the photo I took of it – and if you click it – It will enlarge to see more details.

My Fovorite Pipe - The Boswell

My Favorite Pipe: The Boswell Pipe – Classic Freehand Bent Sitter

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