The Culinary School - The Culinary InstituteI have been helping my friend plan her son’s trip to New York – He is heading off for several days to go and visit the culinary institute that he is looking in to attending.

Robert is getting so psyched about going to see this top notch Culinary Institute. All I have to say is that I have had a chance to eat some of Roberts projects in the past. He has been attending Culinary School while in High School and well he needed to practice so I got to volunteer. Even when it meant that I got to eat some Sushi  – well California Rolls and many other wonderful creations.

Currently his teachers he as at the High School Culinary Art Program are fantastic. I really can see Robert Hitting the big time.

My nephew was also following this same path as well a few years back. He was even in the same Culinary School that Robert is in currently. And My nephew did get to work in a really nice Restaurant here in Pittsburgh before it closed. He worked at Poli’s Restaurant as a Sous Chef preparing and prepping the dinners. But this was before he got his other calling in life as a sound technician. I wonder what would have happened if my nephew went to any Culinary Institute where he would have turned up. Not at all saying what he is doing now is bad – In fact it really is not – But that story for another day.

Ok Back on track – I was helping them plan the trip and Robert needed to get around New York and Needed a subway map. I was able to find him one at: Amadeus.Net – As they have many subway maps ready to print and use all across the world. makes it easy with these Free Printable Maps.

Now – Readers – I would love your help – in helping Robert out – Besides the Culinary Schools that he will be visiting in New York – Can you suggest any Culinary Schools in your area that might help him out or do you know of any Top Notch Culinary Schools either near you or any that you may have had the chance of knowing someone that attended these schools or possibly you attended. He still has some time before he need to make up his mind on which culinary arts program he wants to attend. I know he is not interested in baking or desserts. He is mainly into the Restaurant Management and General Culinary Skills. But they are looking to send him to the best of the best culinary arts program. Feel Free to leave your comment below as this really can help him decide on where he will be spending the next 2 to 4 years.

Merlin =-=-

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