Just writing a quick update on the progress using the Merkur Heavy Duty Razor. I have been shaving with it for about 2 weeks and I have to say I am really getting to like shaving with this razor. It really is one of the best shaves I have ever had. But as I may have mentioned this does take longer to shave with then the mach 3 razor but the shave is much much better.

As I previously mentioned Shaving is no longer a chore of something that I need to do everyday but actually a time to relax and enjoy the experience of shaving. I never believed what other wrote stating those very words but it really is true.

All Though you definitely have to be more careful with your strokes as you shave your face or you might nik yourself. I have only nicked myself twice and both have been small little nicks the septic pencil easily took care of.

The whole ritual of from lathering up the face with rich warm lather to the small strokes shaving away the lather and stubble is zen like. Now if I could only shave better using my left hand.

Now a few notes of interest: I did receive my shipment of various blades in from LetterK and I again highly recommend this as there really are differences in the feel of a cheap blade and a better quality blade with out much price difference. The First few shaves I was using the only blades I had on hand from family dollar which were really good and no nicks from them. However I did switch to a derby feather blade and it glided much easier across the skin and this one I did get a nik from. I should have listened to the forums and practiced more with the duller blades. I then switched to a merkur blade and have not had any problems at all. I will try each one and see which ones I like and don’t like using and that is what I will continue shaving with. I can see trying different shaving creams starting to come into play. I really want to try different ones. Currently I am still only using the Prorasso Shave Tub and it really is working like a charm. I really get a nice rich lather from it and I love the smell and the cool sensation. But I really want to get my hand on a few others and compare and contrast the differences. I need to find some samples of these as well.

Again I fully recommend switching to a double edge safety razor because of the cost and the quality of the shave.

Merlin -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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