Cell Phone Using JottI just came across a new online service called Jott.

Jott has to be one of the most useful online web applications I have come across. I know I will be using this service as this solves many issues of being out and about and not being able to jott an (Such as an Idea, Phone Number, Web Address, Email to a Friend or Colleague, Note to Remember)

Basically Jott is the electronic version of the Post-It note on Steroids. This service is better then any PDA or SmartPhone because instead of having to
(1) pull out your PDA –
(2) then turning it on –
(3) pulling out the stylus –
(4) jotting the note down –
(5) saving and
(6) turningthe PDA off –

All you do is
(1) call a toll-free number and
(2) answer who you want to Jott – Such as by saying “Me” and
(3) then you are given a beep and you can record your message (Up to 30 Seconds) that will be transcribed and sent to your email.

What can be simpler.

And it is just as easy to send and email to a friend and or a colleague as well.

Jott is just as easy to setup and get started as well – Visit their site and register – It will take you under 5 mins to signup and verify your email and phone number. During this setup you get a chance to send your first test message to yourself to see how quickly this system works.

I went ahead and used the service to send several messages and several notes to myself today and found that I got the transcribes notes in my inbox under 15 mins. Plus you also get to listen to the original message on your Jott page inbox as well as being able to read the transcribed note.

So if you want to try out a free (Currently) service that will help you send and email, take a note and free up some time for you. Then Jott is for you.

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