While shopping on the old ebay today I found their high lighted products pretty interesting as you can see:

Ebay Unbelievable Deal - Today Only

I am placing my bid on the Evaporated Water – But they have some competition as there is the company BuyDehydratedWater.com that is offering FREE Samples. Be sure to sign up and get your free sample today.

I might try and purchase a clue as I really need one. But Maybe I should purchase a Vowel as I don’t know when I could use an extra one. You never know when you might run out of vowels. I sure would love to purchase my face on Mt Rushmore but I just don’t have enough cash to purchase that one. And There is no way I am purchasing a Cow Lick. I have enough problems with my hair now. :-)

I am sure they will be sold out of the Electoral Votes as that I think will be quite popular.

Oh well – Time to get out of the time machine and Wish Everyone Happy April Fools Day.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Merlin -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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