I have been thinking about storing my Notes and Indexcards slightly differently while still using my Levengers Internation Shirt Pocket Briefcase. I have seen some people use the rollabind / circa (by Levengers) System to make them a little easier to store / sort and use. Well the Rolla Notebooks with leather cover are back at Staples. Below is a photo I snapped as they were updating the plan-o-gram for the store shelfs. The product is still not on the shelfs at the store closest to me but will be I am guessing by the weekend? This is much larger then what I would use – It is for 8.5 x 11 sheets but it looks really nice and wanted to share what I find out in the wild. This was a faux leather cover with places to hold slips of paper in the front cover and you can completly flip the cover to the back making it fairly easy to take notes. They also had many forms to fit into this binder as well.

I really hope Staples.com will also supply the rollabind punchers and binding disks. That really would be nice. But the Staples Person stocking the shelfs didn’t know and was not sure how to look them up on their computer. Staples.com if you by chance see this – get them instock. Please…. I really hate having to purchase them from Levengers or other places online with the inflated shipping and handling charges.

The Rolla Notebook at Staples

The Rolla Notebook – At Staples Store Near You.


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