I have seen this listed in a few forums I read as a great wallet and that it is the worlds thinnest wallet available – Well Believe all the hype. My friend who bought this all-ett wallet had a ton of credit cards – library cards – drinking club card – grocery club card – Sam’s Club – Costco Membership – Gym Membership Card – I believe he had about 15 total cards and it was smaller then my regular wallet. He did take out all the cards and money to show me how paper thin this wallet really was. I was amazed at the quality that went into making this all-ett wallet beautiful stitching around and re-enforced areas to prevent this from failing. I am pretty sure this wallet will hold up for quite a few years as this is made from sail material and if it can withstand the rigors of sailing I am pretty sure it can withstand the back pocket – They are listed as being able to last 3-5 years.

Here is a photo of the ALL-ETT Billfold — Link to Purchase from Amazon

The Full Sized All-Ette Wallet

And here is the Junior ALL-ETT Billfold, Link to Purchase from Amazon

The All-Ette Junior European

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