Well it was time to renew a few of my domain names and I wanted to save a few bucks off of the domain registration cost. So I went hunting for some Godaddy Coupon codes. I figured I would the treasure trove of coupon codes I found here for all you readers that may want to own their own domain and want to be as cheap as possible.

Hey, I am cheap and proud to say I love a good deal and several of these codes are great deals. Depends on what you are doing and how many domains you have to order or renew but these can save you from 10% to $2 off a registration.

Well here are the Godaddy Codes that I found:

GoDaddy Coupon Code 1: Save 5% on a $30 purchase – Code:           OYH2


GoDaddy Coupon Code 2: Save 10% on any purchase – Code:           OYH1


GoDaddy Coupon Code 3: Save 10% on any purchase – Code:          hash1


GoDaddy Coupon Code 4: Save 10% on any purchase – Code:          chill1


GoDaddy Coupon Code 5: Save 20% off a $50/£25 Order – Code:         BTPS7


GoDaddy Coupon Code 6: Save 20% on shared hosting – Code:   cjc20host


GoDaddy Coupon Code 7: .com Domain for $6.95 – Code:          hash3


GoDaddy Coupon Code 8: Save $2 on a .com Domain – Code:          OYH3


GoDaddy Coupon Code 9: Save $5 off a $30 Order – Code:          hash2

GoDaddy Coupon
Code 10: Save $5 off a $30 Order – Code:          chill2

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