I don’t know how many of you readers chat online – But I do every once in a while with several friends from across the wide Internet. Friends from High School, Friends from College, Friends that I have met along the way. Well Mostly I have used text chat programs – Well Meebo.com (Free online Chat Program  that connects you to all your friends) to be exact.

But, Recently one of my friends introduced me to 3d Chatting when we saw it on CSI. They were using Second Life.

But he stumbled upon a similar program that is much cheaper to user (FREE!!!) It is called IMVU – IMVU – I think spoken like ICQ.com (I MV U) is a really cool 3d Chat Client – You can have 3d Rooms that multiple people can chat in at one time, you can dress your 3d Avatar, fly, build rooms, build chat environments and much more.

I used this with several of my friends where we had a blast using the 3d environment to have some fun and play around in. Depending on the room, clothing you wear and what actions you bought (Yes you can buy things but Honest it really is free if you just use and play with the basics)  – You can add new life into your chats.

Since, this is free to use and chat with – I would recommend trying this out with a few friends – or perhaps meet a few new friends with the “Find Someone to Chat with Button” You will have a blast.