Well – It is that time of the year again – The Super Bowl Just finished a few hours ago and all the ads are up on YouTube for you to vote on your favorite ad.

This year the creative ads were much better then last year. My votes goes to the following few ads.

5th Place – I loved the Pepsi -ad with Justin Timberlake because he gets hit, hurt and knocked out. :-) Sorry Justin – Just thought it was quite funny. Plus Anyone want to give me their Pepsi Points – Feel Free to Add them to the comments section. They will go to good use. (Wink Wink)

4th place – I have to say the Breathing Fire with Bud Light was Good – First Romantic and then….

3rd and 2nd – I would have to give it to Bridgestone for two of their ads:


and Unexpected Objects in Road – Loved the Ending well I like the ending in my mind better.

And in 1st Place

and topping off my list is Coke’s – It’s Mine:

Way to go Charlie Brown – Classy – Fun – Inventive – No Sex like GoDaddy – Just a Wonderful Creative Ad. Go Coke!

So let me know what your favorites were – Put them in the comments section – Along with your Pepsi Points :)


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