AmbianceJust playing around with the iPhone – and downloaded a great relaxing iPhone App – called Ambiance – This gives you about 20ish environment enhancers. (Rain, Rain on Tin Roof, White Noise, Pink Noise, Ocean, Stream, and Many More) It has to be the best 99 Cents I have spend for the iPhone. I used it several times today – This morning on the bus I started the white noise plugged in the earphones and was able to enjoy the rest of the ride into work in total peace. Now the software alone is not good enough to block out all the noise that is why I would not trade my shure earphones for anything else.
I also got to use it at work this afternoon when I was doing a bunch of work on a group of computers and I popped in the earphone and was able to block out all the office noise and concentrate on all the work at hand.
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