Here is it the Official Merlin’s Tower – List of The Best Free Printable Tools –

I found it time to round up the best of the best online tools that you can use to help you in your daily quest to be more organized. From some Great looking Planning Graph Paper to some Basic Handwriting Charts to help make your note easier to read and understand not only by you buy anyone you may have read them to even a very cool 3d Desk Calendar. Let me know what you think by using the comments section and if you have a tool that you think should have been mentioned let me know and I might make a new list and include it as well.

Graph Paper – Made for designers (Web, Print, Video and More) – This 8.5 x 11 inch graph paper is made for visual designers, interaction designers, and information architects. You’ll find styles for wireframing user interfaces, story boarding interaction, and plotting values on a two by two grid. Plus you’ll get a basic grid for drafting sitemaps or anything else that might come up.

Handwriting Printable Practice Paper – I have mentioned this before – This is nice to practice your handwriting on – Good to see what Good Handwriting looks like and practice it on – Make yourself more legible.

Printable Topographical Maps – These are nice to have have on hand when you are out of range of cell service and your iPhone stops working – You might need to get around without a GPS – Print off a few of the areas you are visiting – Can print overview and Street Views – Very Nice Resource.

Free 3d Desk Calendar – This allows you to print out a very cool Origami-ish Desk Calendar – You will be the talk of the cubes by having your very own free printable calendar cube / 12 Sided calendar (A dodecahedron).

Turn a PDF into a Booklet – This really is a nice utility that will take most PDF’s and convert it into a printable booklet format that you can take with you when you need the information.

DIY Paper Wallet – This is a really nice DIY wallet plan – This is quite easy to make and fold to have your very own Paper Based Wallet – OK so this is not printable – But I had to include it on this list as this really is interesting to make.

The Printable CEO – I have seen this link passed around on many different sites and for good reason – this little printable sheet can help you to keep moving into the direction that you need to be heading. This can help you get into the correct mindset to make your business move into the right direction.

The DIY Planner – I have mentioned this many time before on the site and it has made my list of Free Printable Tools to use – I use the 3×5 Card Version from time to time – Even with my iPhone I love taking notes on paper and planning out the day with what I did and what needs to be completed. I can prioritize and be the most efficient.

The Pocket Mod Mini Organizer – This rounds out my list of the best of the best Free Printable tools for the Analog minded Person – This is nice and small ease to take with you in your wallet – carry it where you can’t take your 3×5 Organizer or iPhone – A great list of things and info that is important to you at the moment and it only takes one sheet of paper.

and The Best Free Printable Tool – Or is it just last on my list – Hmm

The Cornell Notetaking Free Printable Page – I believe I even mentioned this before on Merlin’s Tower – it is the Cornell Notetaking Paper – This is based on the Cornell Style of Notetaking. This allows you to take note in an organized and better flowing fashion. I keep a few of these sheet in my planner and use them almost daily.

Well that rounds out the list of the Best Free Printable Tools to be found online. Keep an eye out and I will be adding more of these lists as time permits –


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