This IamaKey From LaCie –  Looks like it is the winner in the Cool Tech Tools  – well at least in my book it is.

From what I read about this IAMAKEY at The Unofficial Apple Webblog – This can be one of my EDC (Everyday Carry) items. They reported that this key was used and abused for over 2 months – Hanging out in the writers pocket with his keys and coins. And it withstood the test with flying colors. From the Freezing Cold to Sudden Downpours it lasted and still works.

Well it doesn’t seem like much – But I use my flash drives alot – I carrying my personal info and tools I commonly use with me and I like having it at the ready when I need to use them.

This looks so much like a real key and since it is made of metal looks cool and sturdy too boot. One of the biggest advantages of this usb drive it that it is flat and works well with the actual keys on the keyring. I have a 32GB drive but it is bulky and there is only a tiny plastic loop to hold  it on the keyring with alot of risk that it will easily break thus making it not easy to keep with you and easily accessible at all times.

This would also work really well with my releasable keyring as I also have a usb port on my new radio and I can carry a gig or two of music with me on the keyring as well for quick access to the music I want to hear in the car instead of listening to the drone of the local Push Button Monkey. (I will not even call them a DJ as they don’t even get to pick their own music) (Sorry if you are an on air personality) – So Pick up a good, sturdy, and fast (with up to 30 MB/s read rates and 10 MB/s write speeds) today – You will not be sorry.

The 4GB Drive is only $25 at Amazon – & the 8GB Drive is only $33 (Prices Current as on 4/14/2009)

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