As most people that know me – I like pen and I love attempting to draw – But then you find someone that can really make beautiful art like – Cheeming Boey – Styrofoam Coffee Cup Artist.

His preferred Medium is the plain white Styrofoam coffee cup found in many coffee houses. He only uses a fine sharpie marker to work on his creations.

Some people are saying that this is not art – I believe art is in the eye of the beholder – Take a look at Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol – He used many different mediums and he is touted as a great artist. Or how about scrimshaw – Drawing on whale bones (Waste ByProduct of the Whalers) and filling in the creations with candle black or tobacco juice. Boey – is just using the type of medium today’s waste byproduct of the modern day world –  Styrofoam cups and  drawing with Sharpies.

I found out about this artist on Twitter the other day Linking to the Sharpie Blog.

His Photos of his Cup Creations Can be found on Flickr – Boy Obsolete – Cup Creations.

Below is how he creates one of his pieces of art – Click to see full view.

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