I need to get one of these cases – This has to be the coolest looking case made for the iPad – even better looking then the Dodo case. While it will not hide the iPad like the Dodo case it does the opposite – it shows off and makes the iPad noticed.  While this case is cool looking it is quite functional, too. HeadCase – The makers state that this case is also designed to protect the iPad too. It is made of impact resistant plastic, has rubber feet and a felt backing inside to hold the iPad gently. The etch a Sketch Ipad case also allows for easy use of all the switches, ports and buttons. This case also comes with a retractable kick stands that allow you to either lay the iPad flat, or angle it for easier usage of the iPad keyboard. Yes it has the Etch A Sketch  knobs but they are low profile and really should not get in the way of using the iPad.

The price is not too bad either – Only $39