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Indy 500 – New world record – Driver Yellow Hot Wheels

This was amazing to watch – But make sure to watch the follow up videos on how they practiced this jump for months before today (May 29th 2011’s) big jump at the Indy 500. The way they made the jump look just like the Hot Wheel Race Track I used to play with as a kid. I think I attempted this same jump from the living room couch many time before. But it never looked this cool. Way to go Tanner Faust – From Top Gear.  Tanner is the Yellow Driver. They have been keeping him under wraps until today. Todays jump was 332 feet – A little over the length of a foot ball field. I like how he described it as flying thru the uprights.

Now Enjoy the videos:

YouTube Preview Image

Here is Tanner Faust talking about the practice and leading up tod the jump today.

YouTube Preview Image

and finally the teaser video presented by Izod and Hot Wheels:

YouTube Preview Image

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