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Music for a Rainy Sunday – Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie - Let it RainYes you read that right – the actor that was House MD also (Blackadder & Jeeves and Wooster) – is a wonderful musician. I bought his albums from Amazon MP3 Store – The First album I bought was his “Didn’t It Rain” – Then I also bought his fist Album – “Let them Talk” – Or here is a list of all of his albums.

I am just awe inspired listening to his music. I just love the NOLO Blues- This is a Classy Jazzy Blues – I love both albums, but If I had to pick I would pick the second Album – “Didn’t It Rain” as my favorite.  You can really see that Hugh Laurie really loves this music, and it really shows. His piano playing and a great blend of sultry voices makes this a great album to listen to.  This album besides featuring Hugh Laurie – it is augmented with great performances from Gaby Moreno, Jean McClain and Taj Mahal. It is hard to pick one song from both albums that I really didn’t enjoy, but I would have to say from “Let them Talk” I really enjoyed St James Infirmary.


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