Posted on January 21st, 2006 by Merlin.
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First Welcome to Merlins Tower.

I created this site to post my thoughts, ideas, and views on Life in General.

Here you will see me commenting and discussing on any of the following:
GTD, Business, Organization, Web Design, Graphics, Design, Art, Sketching, Fountain Pen, Coffee, Pipe Smoking, Cigars and other Finer things in life. 

The name for the site came from My fascination with Wizards (And the Great Art Associated with Fantasy)
and the Mysteries of Life. I have even taken this fasination with wizards to the next level and received a tattoo on my right arm of a tattoo I happened to design and had it done by one of the artists that worked with TSR for its fantasy art for the D&D line of products. (Someday I may even post an image of it – Who Knows)

Now if you would like to contact me – you can do it one of two ways: 

First you can always use the Comment Field on any of the stories and I will reply there or to your email if you left your real email address.

And if you Prefer to use email you can email me at  MerlinsTower@Gmail.com


Thanks and have a wonderful Day. 



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