Author: Merlin

Working at night – PC Night Mode & Desk Lamp

I have odd hours I sleep – I can’t break it – I sleep in 4-hour chunks. But sometimes at night I like less eye strain and was turning down the brightness on my monitor. Don’t get me wrong this helps, but there are much better ways. A few that I just found out about. The first one is built into windows and can easily be turned on and off. Using the Magnifier to turn on Night Mode: Directions: Windows “Aero” must be enabled. Also, “Magnifier” – a standard Windows feature – must be installed. Unless you have explicitly disabled...

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Saving Memories…..

Just was thinking about one of my first trips to Florida with my Parents.  I remember we stopped after many many hours of riding in the car to sleep at a motel on the way  down. If I remember after 40 years I think we stopped at Charlotte and on the way to breakfast I remember finding a dollar bill in the parking lot. I saved that in my little red pencil box of Memories from that trip. I had a bunch of things stored in this box. I had state park maps, Disney Maps, Post cards,  pebbles from the beach, along with Shells and various trinkets a 8 year old would love. Do you remember any memory boxes you made as you grew up? Did you have a box of treasures? What did you...

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Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

MICKEY MOUSE BIRTHDAY Today, Mickey Mouse was introduced in the Short – Steamboat Willie – November 18th, 1928 – although you saw Mickey first in “Plane Crazy” a test screening. Mickey is the mascot of the Walt Disney Company, and you might know him by his Red shorts, yellow shoes and white gloves. He is as you might have guessed on of most recognized cartoon characters of all time. He has been in over 100 films, including one of my favorites Fantasia (1940) I loved him trying to be the sorcerer. “I only hope that we never lose sight of...

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Coffee Review: Jacobs Kronung Coffee

Jacobs Kronung Coffee Review: I received this as one of my Christmas Gifts and I have been loving every minute of this wonderful coffee. German Coffee or Jacobs Kronung Coffee – Who would have though that this would be as good as it is. I have been brewing mine in the Espro French Press Coffee Maker. Even with the very fine ground the Espro does a fantastic job of filtering out the very find grit and grounds with its double micro filtered pressing. The Kronung coffee is a little on the Medium to the stronger side however it lacks bitterness or acidity. It is a very smooth coffee it will not bite or have any bitter taste afterwards. Some would say this is a very good example of a northern European Mellow Coffee. Strong but smooth. I have been enjoying every cup I have been drinking. The best part was when I first opened the bag. The aroma from the ground coffee was so enticing and rich. Again I was not expecting this from a German coffee. I was plesantly suprised with the wonderful aroma that was waifing out of the opened bag. As I measured the coffee into the press, added the water then waited for the coffee to be brewed. I was not sure what to expect from this brand of coffee. after I poured this into my cup...

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