Author: Merlin

How to Organize in 2 Mins

How to Organize in 2 Minutes. – Well not really but a list of 10 Organizing Tasks that you can perform in about 2 mins. So, you no longer have an excuse not to help organize your life. Now if only I can find 2 mins to help me organize my life. – I need quite a few 2 mins to do this....

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Color Schemer

Color Schemer – Found this site and it helped me work on this and a few of my other sites. Great for giving a nice list of colors that work together. Description of their Software for the PC Color Schemer Studio is a professional color matching application for anyone from hobbyists to advanced professionals. Work with a dynamic visual color wheel, instantly explore harmony relationships and even let Color Schemer Studio intelligently suggest color schemes for...

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Welcome to Merlins Tower

Well, This is my first update on this site in a few years. – I forgot all about having this site. I will find this a place for me to Blog things that I find interesting and possibly usefull to all readers. Feel Free to email me Alan (At) MerlinsTower (.) Com Thanks for Viewing and Have a Great...

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