Coffee Review: Jacobs Kronung Coffee

Posted on January 4th, 2014 by Merlin.
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Jacobs Kronung Coffee Review:

Jacobs Kronung Coffee

I received this as one of my Christmas Gifts and I have been loving every minute of this wonderful coffee. German Coffee or Jacobs Kronung Coffee – Who would have though that this would be as good as it is. I have been brewing mine in the Espro French Press Coffee Maker. Even with the very fine ground the Espro does a fantastic job of filtering out the very find grit and grounds with its double micro filtered pressing. The Kronung coffee is a little on the Medium to the stronger side however it lacks bitterness or acidity. It is a very smooth coffee it will not bite or have any bitter taste afterwards. Some would say this is a very good example of a northern European Mellow Coffee. Strong but smooth.

I have been enjoying every cup I have been drinking. The best part was when I first opened the bag. The aroma from the ground coffee was so enticing and rich. Again I was not expecting this from a German coffee. I was plesantly suprised with the wonderful aroma that was waifing out of the opened bag. As I measured the coffee into the press, added the water then waited for the coffee to be brewed. I was not sure what to expect from this brand of coffee. after I poured this into my cup and prepared my coffee. I took a sip and smiled. Yes, this coffee made me smile. I was so nice to relax and enjoy this brew. As I do quite frequently I grabbed my iPad and started to play a crossword puzzle. I might not be that good, however I really enjoy the challenge of a good word game. This was the perfect morning. No Work, some good music on the headphones, a challenging crossword puzzle and great coffee. Life could not get much better at this moment. Ahh.



Portable Drip Coffee – Take anywhere drip system.

Posted on August 3rd, 2013 by Merlin.
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Kalita Kantan Drip – This is a crazy, but very cool easy to take with you coffee drip system. Kantan means “Easy”, and this really is very easy to use. A fellow coffee lover gave me a couple to use, and they really work quite well. I will have to order me a some more to keep these on hand to take some in my to go bag.

To make a fresh cup of drip coffee with this
1) fold down both sides
2) fill with some ground coffee 14g of it. (I premeasured and put in a ziplock sandwich bag)
You can also portable burr grind with the Hario Mini Mill coffee Grinder
3) us a good kettle to heat up some water.
4) slowly pour into filter as this can only take a little bit of water at a time. Total time for it to drip is about 3 to 4 mins

Now if I could find an easy to take with you water kettle. :-) I know that is asking a lot. The one I use is a Bonavita Bona Voyage .5 Liter Electric Kettle.

Still doesn’t beat the Aeropress coffee Maker – But this really is quite portable. This can almost be used as a bookmark in a hardback.

The Coffee Drip System – Very easy to take with you single serve coffee maker.


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Cool Tool: The Portable Burr Coffee Grinder

Posted on July 11th, 2010 by Merlin.
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Hand Coffee Grinder

This really is a nice Grinder for Coffee Beans – Portable and convenient.  I needed a easy to clean and something small and easy to stash. This fit the bill and works really well. I bought mine off of Amazon – As I do for alot of my items.

Some people call me a coffee snob as I like the best of the best coffee’s.  I still use my aeropress – I have a k-cup Brewer and I am trying my hand at roasting my own beans too.

This works so well for the Aeropress and for work when I bring in some fresh bean to all of us to try out. This is just such a simple grinder and so easy to use and works like a charm. Not much else to write about on this but go and buy one today for a nice Burr Grind.


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Perfect Holiday Drink: Drinking Chocolate

Posted on December 2nd, 2007 by Merlin.
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Drinking ChocolateDrinking Chocolate: My new favorite drink.

This is NOT your normal cup of Hot Coco – Those are made with coco powder whereas Drinking Chocolate is made with real Chocolate Solids.

This is like drinking your favorite candy bar but only much better.

It really is not a sweet as it sounds as it uses a really rich semi sweet chocolate.

I found it online at Amazon after seeing it on the food network on a chocolate special.

Look here to buy some to enjoy and share at Amazon: Schokinag Chocolate

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Moleskine Museum – Photography of Various Historical Moleskine Notebooks

Posted on June 16th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Today, while I finally had a few moments to peruse the web and finally catch up on a few of my favorite websites and blogs. Let me tell you it was really nice to site down with a nice cup of coffee from the aeropress coffee maker (Still using it and loving it more and more each cup of coffee I make from it)

Well, even though I have not used a Moleskine Notebook in quite some time – (Since I switched to Miguelrius Notebooks) I still like to keep up and see if there would be anything I could use or be interested in. Well, today I noticed what I call the Moleskine Museum. It is a collection of journals and notebooks used by famous or semi famous people. You can see photographs from Picassos Notebook cover to James Chapin, Paul Bowles, Guillame Apollinaire, Georges Bataille, and Emily Sowden. Below is a sample from James Chapin.

James Chapin Notebook

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What is For Lunch: Try the Wheel Of Food

Posted on March 5th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Do you have a hankering for a hunk of cheese (Ah School House Rock) Or you have no idea where you want to go to lunch? – Well the Wheel of Food to the rescue. Just type in the Zip Code box where you want to eat some grub at and then type in what you want to eat – (Lunch, Dinner, Italian, Breakfast, Pizza, Hamburgers, Steak, Seafood, Ok You get the idea) Then you get to spin the wheel of Food and see where you are going to go – What is nice is this website pulls it data from Yahoo-Local and even gives you their ratings and website info in case you don't know where this place is located at.

The Wheel of Food - What For Dinner Honey?

What does the Wheel of Food
Have in store for you today??

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