Stikkit – A New Way to Organize Online

Posted on December 3rd, 2006 by Merlin.
Categories: Communication, Computing, Consulting, Email, Freeware, GTD, Hack, Notetaking, Web Service. – A new online organizer in Beta testing.

First a little Blurb from Stikkit:

Stikkit gives you the digital equivalent of a sticky note: the easiest thing you can grab to jot down an idea or reminder. As you type, Stikkit watches for appointments, to-dos, people, bookmarks and more, magically extracting and organizing the important details. It's like having a personal assistant following along after you.

What does this mean to you? Well after taking the 2 mins that it took to signup and activate your account you can start using it right away – Press the Shift-ALT-N and you get a nice blank note to type something in?

Meeting with Vet for Java for Shots on Jan 22 2007 3pm @VET @JAVA @APPOINTMENT

This created a Appointment (1-22-2007 @ 3pm) And Tagged the note with 3 different TAGS VET, JAVA, Appointment  

Whats nice it that it integrated the Notes with Appointments and  Tagging System

BOB SMITH 212-555-1212 

This Created a Peep (Contact) with his contact info in there.

You can also visit the setting page for your Stikkit Account and they will give you a Secret Email address that you can add to your cellphone and then when out on the road you can Text an Apointment, Note, etc to your account.

Plus say you are visiting a webpage and wanted to jot a note about something you saw? Well if you already created a shortcut on your bookmark toolbar  you can press it and it will automatically note the page/time and Whatever notes you want to store on stikkit page.

Each Section of your stikkit has its own RSS feed. So you can read your contacts, appointments or general Notes in your RSS Reader.

Plus if you turned on the SMS feature of Stikkit it can sent you an SMS message when you have an appointment. 

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Taking Notes – A Few NON Analog Suggestions

Posted on October 25th, 2006 by Merlin.
Categories: Communication, Computing, Consulting, GTD, Hack, Web Service.

Post It Notes OverrunAs most of you know I like using analog tools for most of my notetaking. I am constantly writing notes and Ideas for things I am currently working on. Even though analog (Pencil and Paper Journals) are good, there definately is a time and place for all technologies even online digital ones.

But which ones are the best to use? This started a small quest to see how many online notetaking services there are. Well let me tell you there are quite a few out there to choose from. Let me start this by asking everyone to please post in the comments section your favorite to use and I will take a look and write up some reviews on them. But more importantly I would like to see your take on some of these services. Why do you use the ones that you use – Ease of Use – Storage space? – Pretty Looking? Tell me I would like to know.

One of the ones I use is Google Notebook – – I like this one as I can clip interesting notes to it by using the add-on for firefox also available for IE as well. Or you can just start typing in a note on that page. Google Notebook also alows for sections in the notebook and the ability to use google search to search the notes that you wrote. A pretty plain jane easy to use notebook.

See you next time with another online notebook selection. – And The Previous link is now fixed. – Thanks Sunkman


Online Notebook Google Analog Digital Journal

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Pimp My Office – How to make it FUN

Posted on September 10th, 2006 by Merlin.
Categories: Communication, Consulting, Gadgets, Toy, USB, Weird Stuff.

As most of you know I work at home Designing Websites and Playing Computer Doctor. I love what I do but that doesn’t mean I get bored with my workspace – Even if it is at home in my home office.

I just saw a article at Smart Money called The Cool Cubicle – Well I don’t have a cubicle I do have an office space that needs some “Personal Touches”

A few of the articles items to spruce up the cube / office with are: (Well my favorite ideas at least)

The USB Beverage Chiller – It is $19.99 from Xoxide – This little device will run off of your USB Power and keeps your Soda or any beverage of choice a nice 45 Degrees. Great idea on those Hot days and you want to keep working with out running to the fridge and keep watering down your drink with ice.

I also liked the Idea of the Ambient Weather Beacon – I really could have used this when I worked for the bank and they kept all the IT dept in the locked basement and we barely saw the light of day. This device updates itself by checking the latest forecast at the Weather Channel. But you can program this to track other info as well. This can be purchased at Amazon.
This device reminds me of the Gulf Tower in Pittsburgh which would tell the weather based on the color and if it was flashing or not.  (More info on this at Pittsburgh City Paper – You Had to ask Section)

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Google Helping To Stop Spyware

Posted on January 28th, 2006 by Merlin.
Categories: Computing, Consulting, Google, Search Engine, SpyWare, Web Service.

Well Google keeps getting better and better. Announced today via Official Google Blog was that Google will Co-Sponsor with Sun Microsystems and Lenovo, STOPBadWare.Org. StopBadWare.Org is a new initiative aimed at combating the growing problem of spyware and other deceptive software. This project is led by Harvard’s Berkman Center and the Oxford Internet Institute. And Consumer Reports WebWatch is serving as an unpaid advisor to the effort.

According to their FAQ page: is a “Neighborhood Watch” campaign aimed at fighting badware. We will seek to provide reliable, objective information about downloadable applications in order to help consumers make better choices about what they download onto their computers. We aim to become a central clearinghouse for research on badware and the bad actors who spread it, and become a focal point for developing collaborative, community-minded approaches to stopping badware.

Learn more here : Official Google Blog: Putting a stop to spyware


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50 Strategies for Making Yourself Work

Posted on January 26th, 2006 by Merlin.
Categories: Consulting, GTD, Web Service, working.

Dollar Sign.jpg

50 Strategies for Making Yourself Work

This article is geared for the writer but I found this information useful for my line of work – I do computer consulting and design websites for a living. But if I procrastinate I don’t get paid. This article has some good tips on getting the most out of your time. One Tip I liked was to pay yourself for the time working. So If I didn’t work – I don’t get paid. Very simple ideas but once you see them in black and white they sort of make sense. Don’t know if I will use all 50 but it is a great way to get your but back in gear.


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All In One Codec Pack – Freeware

Posted on January 25th, 2006 by Merlin.
Categories: Computing, Consulting, DIVX, Freeware, Movies, MP3.

Divx Logo ;-)

Ok – I recently got a call asking for help playing a DIVX music video they got from a bands website. While searching for a good codec source I ran across this freeware All in One Codec Pack that was just updated. Listed below are a few of the types of videos and music it will allow your computer to play.

A collection of codecs for playing DivX movies. All you need to see
DivX movies: DivX, XviD, AC3…
This codec pack includes:
– DivX 6.1.1
– XviD Codec Koepi’s 1.1
– DivX, XviD – FFDShow 17.02.2005 Alpha
– Subtitles G400 2.83
– Subtitles DVobSub (Win9x, Win2k and WinXP) 2.23, 2.33
– OGG Vorbis
– AC3 1.01a RC5
– Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher 0.99

Codec Packs – Free Download


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