OMGPop / Zynga’s Draw Something

Posted on April 7th, 2012 by Merlin.
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OK, I am addicted to this game. I really is quite a fun game to play. What this game is Pictionary on Steroids. When you purchase the game you get a basic set of colors and a blank canvas. Find yourself some friends to play by Username or by friends that are playing on Facebook.  But here is a little history about OMGPop and their deal with Zynga. NYTimes did a great article on this.

I am not the best artist – and I find it sometimes frustrating not having the full set of color available right off the bat. But that is the fun of the game – you earn your color / stripes by purchasing them with the coins you earn for drawing and guessing correctly.  Currently I have 2 additional sets of color. I am close to earning my next set of colors. Just have to figure out what colors I want to purchase.

Here you can see some of the drawing people have done with Draw Something.

Draw Something - Snookie

If you really like this game I highly recommend one of the following drawing stylus.

I prefer these two:

Below are my two favorite pens for working on the iPad / iPhone

This pen is one of the firtst ones that I purchased for my iPad & iPhone. I have had this pen since 11/2010 and still working and is easy to use and handle. This is the Alupen from Just-Mobile.

The AluPen is a nice weight and feel and I love the rubber tip. It is thinner then your finger but for detail work it is a little hard to see. that is why I love the next pen. But to be honest I switch between the two quite often. Just depend on how I feel or what is close at hand at the moment.

The AluPen on the iPad screen is smooth on the screen. Very nice to work with. It really doesn’t need much of a touch for it to register. This is one of the nicest rubber tipped pens I own. I have tried a few of the cheaper ones first and they just didn’t work. I have the Pogo Stylus and it just doesnt’  draw as nice as this one does. The Mushy tip of the pogo is just too soft for me.

This rubber tip is perfect for one of my go to stylus.

The next one I show you on the right  is the Adonit Jot Pro Stylus. I backed this on KickStart and I really am glad I did this really is a nice and a very different type of stylus.

This Uses a clear disk on the tip to do its drawing. I feel this gives a more precise feel and it also glides across the screen. I also love the fact that it has a magnic in it to attach to the side of the iPad. This works really well. I have not had it fall off once..

The Adonit pen come in multiple colors and designs. Their newest also includes a pen to write on paper if you still do that. So you can doodle on paper or on your screen. Just don’t mix up the two sides. LOL

Well, Hope to see you playing Draw Something by OMG Pop / Zynga. Let me know your screen name in the comments and I will try playing a game with you.

Happy Drawing.



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Sumo Bean Bag Omni :I Want One!

Posted on April 3rd, 2008 by Merlin.
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Sumo Bean Bag Omni Urban LoungeWell – everyone here knows I like the simple things in life and I happened to see a photo of one of these Sumo Bean Bags -  Omni the Urban Lounge – To Quote the Sumo Website:

This super-sized pillow by Sumo is the ultimate solution for all your relaxing needs. We’ve come up with 10 ways to use it, but some people say we lack imagination!

It’s a crash mat, lounge chair, loveseat or floor pillow to name a few, but the possibilities really do go on.

Sumo Beanbags are made from space age rip-proof nylon and come filled with top quality Sumo Beads. Omni is 4.5′ x 5.5′ and it only weighs 18 lbs!

This looks like something I want to try out and use. I can see using this sitting in front of the TV and watching my favorite TV Shows (CSI, Big Bang Theory or Monk) or Playing the xbox! But really I can see this as a comfortable place to Lounge listening to some good music (like the New NIN – Ghost Album)  and Pulling out the good old jounral and putting the pen to paper and writing my thoughts away. possibly drawing some Zentangles. Someday If I ever get one of these ingenious bean bags I will have to write a review of it. In the mean time – Check out their site and decide for your self.


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Moleskine Museum – Photography of Various Historical Moleskine Notebooks

Posted on June 16th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Today, while I finally had a few moments to peruse the web and finally catch up on a few of my favorite websites and blogs. Let me tell you it was really nice to site down with a nice cup of coffee from the aeropress coffee maker (Still using it and loving it more and more each cup of coffee I make from it)

Well, even though I have not used a Moleskine Notebook in quite some time – (Since I switched to Miguelrius Notebooks) I still like to keep up and see if there would be anything I could use or be interested in. Well, today I noticed what I call the Moleskine Museum. It is a collection of journals and notebooks used by famous or semi famous people. You can see photographs from Picassos Notebook cover to James Chapin, Paul Bowles, Guillame Apollinaire, Georges Bataille, and Emily Sowden. Below is a sample from James Chapin.

James Chapin Notebook

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Guide to Writing in Elvish – Free Online Tutorial

Posted on January 29th, 2007 by Merlin.
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How to Write Merlins Tower in ElvishHad a long hard week and for some fun I learned a new language – well only learned how to write in Elvish. Ever see those fancy scrolls in Lord of the Rings or any of the other movies / books / games that have Elvish Language written on them? Well This web page has a quick and easy guide on how to convert any english writing in very artistic and fancy elvish writing. Well To the left is my first time trying to write Merlins Tower in Elvish. It really is pretty easy to follow along and accomplish. I can see doing this with a nice broad nibbed fountain pen or a wide italic cut nib. I didn't have any of my wide nibs with me so I had to make due with what I had at hand. This was accomplished with my art book using a find sharpie marker to get the nice broad strokes. (I filled in the lines I drew) I really want to try this out with some of my calligraphy pens when I have a free moment. This guide can be printed out for ease of use. This would be pretty good for making your own scrolls and Mystical Books. Or if you just want to hide what you are writing.

Well thats all for today – Enjoy – Stay Warm and enjoy some nice tobacco in your pipe – You know I am. 8 :-?  <– Merlin Smoking a Pipe  

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Mr Picasso Head – Make your own portrait

Posted on January 19th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Now with Mr Picasso Head Anyone (Yes ANYONE) can be an artist. With this very artistic webpage you can be your own artist.  First you get to pick your head, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, abstract shapes, and you get to rotate them, resize them, place them anyway you want on the digital canvas and don't forget to sign your masterpiece. Have a Fun Picasso Friday!

 The Merlin Picasso
Here is My Portrait.

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