New WordPress Theme: Revolution Theme

Posted on February 6th, 2008 by Merlin.
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Normally I would not be writing about a New WordPress Theme – But I felt I should mention it as I am considering purchasing this for possible use here. I really love the look and feel of this theme. It really is very clean looking, easy to navigate, brings more information to the front page, hopfully will get the reader more involved in the blog. (Yes, You – Please comment and let me know what you think) – I do write to help me understand different topics more, and I love sharing any of the information I learn about. That is why I started Merlin’s Tower. Yes, I like seeing what I created and written on the web. And Why not share any bit of information your learn with others. So, they can learn from your mistakes and highs as well.

So here is The WordPress Revolution Theme – This really would be good for most informational blogs. I really love the wordpress magazine theme. Yes, this theme does cost some money but I really think this developer deserves to be paid as this really is a great looking set of themes.

The Revolution Theme: Revolution News Theme This is the Revolution News Theme: To Quote the website: “This theme is a great solution for those who want the online newspaper look similar to websites such as CNN News, US World News & World Report, etc.”

This really is a nice WordPress News Theme: Supports Ads, Widgets, and Fully Customizable

Revolution Magazine ThemeOn the Right is the Revolution Magazine Theme: “This theme is perfect for those who want to publish an online magazine. It’s built for daily posting, displaying video and is easily monetized with ads.” This really is one Classy looking WordPress Magazine Theme. I like the look and the layout of this theme.

This is a possible choice for me to use.

The Revolution Theme: Revolution Tech Theme for WordPress

Here is the Revolution Theme called Revolution Tech Theme.

The Revolution Tech Theme: “This theme is ideal for the Techcrunch fan, and who wants their site to feature a technology, focusing on the latest tech news, product reviews, etc.”

This is the theme for someone that will be starting a technology blog. A few of the blogs I frequent could use this. This is not for me but it too is a classy theme for wordpress.

The Revolution Theme: Revolution Sports Theme for WordPressThe last theme that Revolution Theme has is the Revolution Sports Theme: “Here’s a great way to turn your site into a major sports news/infromation hub. Feature sports like Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey and more.” A friend of mine is thinking about starting a golf blog and this would be a good place to start for him. Again words are not enough to describe this theme. A very nice clean and professional looking theme for wordpress.

All of these themes really take wordpress to the next level and take it from just being another blog and transforming it into a true CMS (Content Management Solution) that gives a really beautiful look and feel to wordpress. Please support Brian Gardner and his Revolution Themes: Revolution Tech, Revolution Magazine, Revolution Sports, or Revolution News and his soon to be released Revolution Pro Theme. Again these will work with widgets and are all fully customizable.

So, People let me know what you think and visit the Revolution Theme Site and Support Brian Gardner in all of his Theme Building.

The Revolution Theme WordPress Theme: Taking WordPress to a Higher Level


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Free Sample of Various Handwriting Font Styles Print and Italic

Posted on January 16th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Italic Handwriting Free ChartDid you ever wonder what we are talking about when you see the different styles of handwriting. Here is a link for homeschoolers and / or anyone interested in seeing the visual style of the various handwriting that is taught all over the world.

Draw Your World has sample sheets in the form of smaller images showing all the letters for all the forms of writing. From Getty-Dubay, D'Nealian Style, Palmer Handwriting Italic and Cursive,  Handwriting Without Tears, Zaner-Bloser Style. I am sure if anyone wants a small reference card these can be easily printed out. (I have not tried but looks like they should be large enough for reference) – These samples were printed out from the Starwrite Handwriting Software – Which if you want to try it out lets you try it unhindered for one time only. (So, make sure you get the most use from the first time you run it. Even Print it out to a PDF) From what I saw if you were homeschooling I would recommend trying this out and purchase if you like how it works, By the Way the program is only $39 at Starwrite Handwriting or $35 at Draw Your World.

But if you are just looking for a few FREE graphics to print out check out Studio Arts Guide to Italic Handwriting. (Click on the image on the left column to display it on the right – At that point if you are using Firefox (Highly Recommended) or IE you can right click on the image and hit the save as to save the images to your hard drive and print out later on) They have a nice chart, font families, guide, practice sheets and more for your use.

You can also check out for some addtional samples and primer on the D'Nealian Style of handwriting – Very Similar to the Getty-Dubay Style. 

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Merlins Tower – Slight Change of Colors

Posted on December 20th, 2006 by Merlin.
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Thanks everyone for the comments and the emails about how Merlins Tower Looks and loaded. Well I made what I thought was going to be a simple change. Well I almost was – The hardest part was finding a more pleasing eye color rather then the yellow.

I had to edit all the graphics file my self and keep the transparency and color ranges to keep it in the web 2.0 "Look"

Then after I changed that look I had to of course change the Google ads so they looked good on the site. Yes, even though they are ads and larger I still want them to "Blend" into the over all design of the site. 

I encourage   BEG and Plead everyone to Please use the comments button below and let me know what you think of the new "Tan" Paper look.

Plus I added a few more background colors as well.


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My Love of Sudoku

Posted on November 15th, 2006 by Merlin.
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I love the number logic game Sudoku – you know that game that you see in all the newspapers and see books of these little addicting puzzles at the grocery store checkout. If you don't know what I am talking about check out the WikiPedia Page on Sudoku.

A basic definition is this: known as Number Place or Nanpure, is a logic-based placement puzzle. The object is to fill the grid so that every column, every row and every 3×3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid so that there is only one solution.

Now that you know what Sudoku is I am adicted to playing Sudoku on this wonderful free site called Sudoku Slam. It is using an Ajax interface making playing Sudoku easy and extreemly fun.

Here is what Sudoku Slam says about them selfs:Sudoku Slam makes solving Sudokus on your computer more fun than solving them on a piece of paper. For once. There are two basic solver modes. Traditional mode resembles other Sudoku websites (albeit with snazzy features lurking in the background). Sumo mode is the mode of choice: it unleashes the full power of Sudoku Slam and makes solving harder puzzles more fun.

Sorry if I get you hooked on this but I know I am. 

Well  I am off to another round of Sudoku Slam in Sumo Mode.

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Hack Attack: Mouse-less Firefox

Posted on January 24th, 2006 by Merlin.
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Firefox Logo

Todays Tip I found on – I started using some of these tips as I too find it easier to use the Keyboard then the mouse in some situations. I am a touch typer thanks to high school. One of the most important classes in high school ;-)
So with that being said I love being able to surf just using the keyboard. Why move your hand to the mouse when you want to back up a page or want to change a tab or something simple? Don’t get me wrong I use the mouse as well – I installed the Super Drag and Drop Plugin from Firefox home page. Which unfortunately is not available for version 1.5 and has bee removed from the extensions database.

So enjoy this time saving tips for making Firefox work for you.

Hack Attack: Mouse-less Firefox – Lifehacker
Learning to use Firefox keyboard shortcuts to reduce your trips to the mouse can lead to a much more fulfilling web browsing experience, especially at those times that your mouse just isn’t doing the trick.


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