Flip Clock Screensaver for PC or Mac

Posted on January 17th, 2010 by Merlin.
Categories: Computing, Freeware, Gadgets, Life.

I have been looking for a good screensaver for my PC that will give me a nice looking flip clock on my desktop. And I finally found one. It is freeware from 9031.com. Check them out there are a few other screensavers and check out their wallpaper generators too.

fliqlo - is a quick and easy setup – and only has a few adjustments available the left right keys switch between 12 / 24 hour format and up down arrows increase or decrease the size of the clock.

I like this because I can see this from way across the room and even down the street if need be.

I like the clean simple look. Nothing fancy just a great looking flip clock.


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Using Cornell Note System in Business

Posted on April 11th, 2009 by Merlin.
Categories: Communication, DIY, Freeware, GTD, Hack, HPDA, Human, Indexcards, Life, Notetaking, Office, Pen.

Yes, I use the Cornell Note System in my daily life. I find it a great way to organize my notes and ideas from Meetings, Conference Calls, and What I did or need to do each day. I also use it when reading a new book that I want to take some notes on. I even draw the dividing lines in my notebooks now to help me organize my thoughts there as well. 

I made a modified version of Note Paper from Cornell-Notes.com to include a time clock to help me track my time and what I need to do and what I have completed and what I have coming up. 

I posted it on Scribd.com for all to use.

To use the clock in the upper left  to shade in the time (Begining to end) and mark a Letter or symbol near it and Use the Letter / symbol to Highlite the notes from that time slice.  I also use this with the Cue Column to track my upcoming meetings and schedule for the day.

How many times have you wondered what you did and have not clue where your day went – Keeping this with me allows me to make notes and annotate what I complete and see why I had to push other things off of my plate for the day. In the notes area I am able to write the tips and note things that I didn’t know and this allows me to update documentation and let others know the little fixes I used. I keeps these daily and use the summaries to help me find info I need from past notes / days.

And I have scheduled time weekly  later in the day Friday (while the week is still fresh in my mind) and look over the past week and see what info was good – I sometimes will highlight portions or copy off data and store it in other notebooks for future reference material. But I also scan the more important pages and put it into my evernote  system as well as that come with me on my iphone and it is easily accessable via their web page.

I also want to note every day I  look over the previous day and get my new notepage prepared for the day. Writing down what I need to do – checking my online calendar and seeing what I have scheduled for myself.  This way I have that info at hand even if I am not at my desk. This is also when I summarize my previous days notes making the weekly summary on Friday’s even easier. This only take me about 10 to 20 mins each morning but it saves alot more time through out the day then what I put into it.

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What is Twitter?

Posted on March 9th, 2008 by Merlin.
Categories: Cell Phone, Communication, Freeware, Gadgets, Human, Video, Web Service, YouTube.

What is Twitter you ask – I mentioned it in a earlier blog and got a question to explain it – Well, instead of re-inventing the wheel I will post the video from CommonCraft – Who did the earlier video about what is a blog.

YouTube Preview Image

So, now start following your friends 140 Characters at a time.

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Chatting Online – The Good The Bad and The New

Posted on November 23rd, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Anything Else, Communication, Freeware, Human, Web Service.

I don’t know how many of you readers chat online – But I do every once in a while with several friends from across the wide Internet. Friends from High School, Friends from College, Friends that I have met along the way. Well Mostly I have used text chat programs – Well Meebo.com (Free online Chat Program  that connects you to all your friends) to be exact.

But, Recently one of my friends introduced me to 3d Chatting when we saw it on CSI. They were using Second Life.

But he stumbled upon a similar program that is much cheaper to user (FREE!!!) It is called IMVU – IMVU – I think spoken like ICQ.com (I MV U) is a really cool 3d Chat Client – You can have 3d Rooms that multiple people can chat in at one time, you can dress your 3d Avatar, fly, build rooms, build chat environments and much more.

I used this with several of my friends where we had a blast using the 3d environment to have some fun and play around in. Depending on the room, clothing you wear and what actions you bought (Yes you can buy things but Honest it really is free if you just use and play with the basics)  – You can add new life into your chats.

Since, this is free to use and chat with – I would recommend trying this out with a few friends – or perhaps meet a few new friends with the “Find Someone to Chat with Button” You will have a blast.



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