OMGPop / Zynga’s Draw Something

Posted on April 7th, 2012 by Merlin.
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OK, I am addicted to this game. I really is quite a fun game to play. What this game is Pictionary on Steroids. When you purchase the game you get a basic set of colors and a blank canvas. Find yourself some friends to play by Username or by friends that are playing on Facebook.  But here is a little history about OMGPop and their deal with Zynga. NYTimes did a great article on this.

I am not the best artist – and I find it sometimes frustrating not having the full set of color available right off the bat. But that is the fun of the game – you earn your color / stripes by purchasing them with the coins you earn for drawing and guessing correctly.  Currently I have 2 additional sets of color. I am close to earning my next set of colors. Just have to figure out what colors I want to purchase.

Here you can see some of the drawing people have done with Draw Something.

Draw Something - Snookie

If you really like this game I highly recommend one of the following drawing stylus.

I prefer these two:

Below are my two favorite pens for working on the iPad / iPhone

This pen is one of the firtst ones that I purchased for my iPad & iPhone. I have had this pen since 11/2010 and still working and is easy to use and handle. This is the Alupen from Just-Mobile.

The AluPen is a nice weight and feel and I love the rubber tip. It is thinner then your finger but for detail work it is a little hard to see. that is why I love the next pen. But to be honest I switch between the two quite often. Just depend on how I feel or what is close at hand at the moment.

The AluPen on the iPad screen is smooth on the screen. Very nice to work with. It really doesn’t need much of a touch for it to register. This is one of the nicest rubber tipped pens I own. I have tried a few of the cheaper ones first and they just didn’t work. I have the Pogo Stylus and it just doesnt’  draw as nice as this one does. The Mushy tip of the pogo is just too soft for me.

This rubber tip is perfect for one of my go to stylus.

The next one I show you on the right  is the Adonit Jot Pro Stylus. I backed this on KickStart and I really am glad I did this really is a nice and a very different type of stylus.

This Uses a clear disk on the tip to do its drawing. I feel this gives a more precise feel and it also glides across the screen. I also love the fact that it has a magnic in it to attach to the side of the iPad. This works really well. I have not had it fall off once..

The Adonit pen come in multiple colors and designs. Their newest also includes a pen to write on paper if you still do that. So you can doodle on paper or on your screen. Just don’t mix up the two sides. LOL

Well, Hope to see you playing Draw Something by OMG Pop / Zynga. Let me know your screen name in the comments and I will try playing a game with you.

Happy Drawing.



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Angry Birds – The Peace Treaty

Posted on November 23rd, 2010 by Merlin.
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This is such a great video – The Live Action Version of Angry Birds.

Sit back and Enjoy

YouTube Preview Image


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Exercise for the Mind: Free Daily Crossword Puzzles

Posted on March 7th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Crossword PuzzlesI enjoy trying to exercise my mind and one of my favorite past times is working on crossword puzzles.

Recently I was shown the puzzles at Puzzlers Cave there are hundreds of puzzles available to play and solve – and the best part is there is nothing to join or pay for. Being free is even better then learning a new word or concept from a well devised puzzle. The Cruciverbalist (Someone that makes a crossword puzzle) come up with some of the most interesting puzzles.

The only problem is that you can not take them with you. So, if you need a puzzle or two to take with you on the bus or to pretend to look smart the next time you head out for a cup of joe at the local coffee shop feel free to visit the puzzle archive at the CapCod Times Website.

And if you need to some help on crossword puzzles check out my previous article on crossword puzzles and solvers.

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Mr Picasso Head – Make your own portrait

Posted on January 19th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Now with Mr Picasso Head Anyone (Yes ANYONE) can be an artist. With this very artistic webpage you can be your own artist.  First you get to pick your head, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, abstract shapes, and you get to rotate them, resize them, place them anyway you want on the digital canvas and don't forget to sign your masterpiece. Have a Fun Picasso Friday!

 The Merlin Picasso
Here is My Portrait.

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Free Crossword Help!

Posted on January 9th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Crossword Puzzle - Hint Search Guide - One Across WebsiteI enjoy working on crossword puzzles – But honestly I am not always that good But I still don't resort to the answer key and would like to have some suggestions or hints. I just stumbled upon was "One Across – Search for Crossword Puzzle Answers"

Very Useful when you have a clue but honestly have no clue.

In their search engine you type in the clue given and then type in how many letters it is if the word is blank  or you can type in  ???ed?? for a 7 letter word with ED in the 4th and 5th locations.

Example: Clue is "Round"  and Pattern is "O????"  and the first letter starts with O

The Answer it gives back is

ORBIT similar to known clue (round)
OVATE similar to known clue (round)
OXEYE similar to known clue (round)


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KDice – FREE Multiplayer Stragegy Game

Posted on January 5th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Kdice Strategy Game FREE Multiplayer Online GameYes, Even with a busy schedule you need to set some time aside to have some fun. Well, Today I was introduced to a very addictive AJAX Web 2.0 Game that has it all – Strategy, Easy to Learn Rules, Luck, Probability, Interactive, Multiplayer, and FUN!!! I am talking about KDICE – a very simple game to play – Object take over the map and conquer the world. This game is a combination RISK and Dice Game. Below is an excerpt from Talking about the rules, and strategy.

the game is so simple you can hop right in and play. Each of the seven players has a color and corresponding territory. Stacked on each territory are a number of dice. When your turn comes up, attack another player by clicking one of your territories followed by an adjacent piece of land. The game rolls the dice and the higher number wins. The goal is to take over and continue to occupy as much of the map as you can. At the end of your turn you get a set number of dice added to your stacks (at random) based on the largest number of contiguous territories that you control. The more areas you control, the bigger your dice army, but remember not to spread yourself too thin.

Yes that sums up the game – my only words of wisdom on this it to just try a few games out to get the hang of it and if you want to add me to your buddy list (DigitalAlan) on the game who knows we may end up playing against each other sometimes.

Official Rules and Strategy Guide: KDice on Wikipedia

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