Miquelrius Journals – On Sale – Moleskine Replacements

Posted on December 15th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Miquelrius Journals - Paper for Fountain PensOn sale for the next few day are the Miquelrius Journals that I love an chat about here on Merlins Tower.
I really do use these everyday for my notes and ideas. And Now I can help you save some money on these journals.

To see all the Miquelrius Journals Click Here – NOW! or the link might run and hide from you LOL! Or the Special will run out.

The special is if you order over $35 dollars you will get 25% off and upgraded to 3day shipping at no additional cost over the regular shipping price.

To get this offer Type in this following code 25OFF – But what if you are not ordering over $35 dollars then Use the word 15Off and you will get 15 % off your entire order. Wow nice to same some cash at Christmas Time.

Just thought I would share this with everyone – Enjoy and Happy Holidays from the Tower.

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DIY: How to make your own Parchment Paper

Posted on February 18th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Sample of Chared ParchmentToday I decided to write about a project I did some time ago it was make a new sheet of paper look old. Or how to make some good olde fashioned parchment paper. To the left is an example of what it could look like

First – I wrote in my best calligraphy handwriting on the page – (I used a heavier high cotton blend for the fiber look and feel).

I had to use Noodlers black ink as this ink will not run when adding the paper coloring. I let this dry while I gathered up the rest of the items needed.

  • 1 cup of strong brewed coffee (I made two – one for me to drink while working on the Calligraphy and one to sit and wait till the right time to be put to use)
  • 1 tablespoon of any instant coffee (This is to add the extra color on to the paper in a varied pattern)
  • 1 baking pan – large enough for the paper to be put into.
  • 1 sponge or several paper towels
  • an Oven or hair dryer – I prefer the oven method – but both work
    if using the oven pre-heat it to 200-225 degrees
  • An Iron (Optional)
  • A zippo lighter (Optional)
  • Woolen Yarn or Leather Strip (Optional)

Now this is the hard part – after you finished the calligraphy work on the paper – You need to first tear the edges in varied patter to give it that old torn look (Do this if you want to) Doing this before adding the color helps the edges get better coloring in them. Next is the really hard part – you need to crinkle the paper up into a small / medium size ball. Then you need to unball it and flatten it down – almost flat but will some of the crinkles still showing to hold the coffee to help break up the solid pattern of color.

Place the flattened sheet into the pan and pour the coffee all over the page. Making sure to cover the whole page. 

Now wait a few moments or about 1 min then sprinkle the instant coffee randomly across the page. Don't make it even as these will soon dissolve and give the page that extra color that will make it look more like beautiful old parchment paper.  

Next you want to use the sponge to blog the coffee off the paper – I waited about 2 or 3 mins to let it soak in. Use different amounts of time depending on how much color you want.

Now empty any remaining coffee back into a cup if you intend to do another sheet or throw it away. (I heard coffee grounds were good for some plants – I wonder if you could use this for some of them plants)  

Now put the paper on the tray into the oven for about 5 to 7 mins. (Make sure to watch and check often – you don't want the paper to burn after all this work)

The last step is optional – I used an iron on low setting to remove all the creases in the paper and make it flat again. Some people will like the the creases in the paper. It does look good both ways.

Now this last step is also optional – I only did this to one of my parchments and it looked really classy but I was afraid of redoing all my work. Get out the zippo lighter and light it up and get near the edges to "Burn" them slightly. This really will give it that old world look – just like this was an old pirate treasure map.

Now you can mouth this in a frame or if you want to use these for other uses you can roll this up and tie a woolen piece of yarn around it or a strip of leather to tie it with a bow. 

You can use this for creating a beautiful love poem for your wife or girlfriend, or if you are having a party and want to have some cool invitation (Great for a kids Pirate Party) or You are running a scavenger hunt – these make cool looking location maps or scavenger hunt lists. The Ideas for what you can use this for is endless. I have seen a photo printed out on a laser printer in a grey scale pattern to make the photo look like an old sepia type print.

Good luck and Stay warm (Brr)

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Just Found – Tornado Elite Pencil

Posted on January 7th, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Art, Gadgets, Journaling, Leather, Miquelrius, Office, Photography, Sketching.

I totally forgot that I even owned this pencil The Retro 51 Tornado Elite Pencil – I was received this Mechanical Pencil over 2 Years Ago and I thought I has lost this forever when one day it just dissapeared.


Retro 51 Tornado Elite Pencil


But so I happened to be digging in one of my Photography bags and low and behold this was stuck at the bottom just waiting to be found again. I really like this Mechanical Pencil as it was so classy looking but has an aire about itself.

The one I received was the Stainless Steel Version with a beautiful matte finish to it. The clip is very strong and will hold this pencil in place where ever you put it. (Unless You don't clip it to anything like me and Don't check the bottom of the bag Frown)

I bought this to go along with my Business Card / reporter style notebook (Another Gift as well). I was using this to take notes and sketches while shooting some photographs. It was the prefect size too only 3.5 Inches long and clipped to the Reporter Notebook Easily and it stayed in place.

What I really liked about it was the Lead Size. This Pencil Requires a 1.1mm Lead which is a much heavier line then the standard .5mm or .7 Mechanical Pencils. Plus I loved the fact that this was a twist knob top to advance the lead. This is just one very stylish looking mechanical pencil. I was upset when I could not find this pencil anymore (well more possibly upset over the cost of it and that I only had it several months)

The Current price of this Retro 51 Elite Pencil is $14.95 with a few extra leads. It was just the right price. Not too expensive but still not cheap.

I think I will be using this again for quick sketches I make and ideas. Plus this clips onto my Leather Jacket I made for my Miquelrius Journal nicely So I can have both Fountain Pen and Pencil within Easy Access.

The only drawback is that it doesn't come with an eraser built onto this pencil. So, if you need to erase something you need to carry an eraser pen with you. This doesn't bother me as I like to doodle and draw with it thus I don't need the eraser portion.

Can be Bought as "The Writers Edge

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New Levengers Product – Wallet Writers

Posted on November 19th, 2006 by Merlin.
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Wallet Writer from Levenger'sThey have done it again – Another innovative product from Levengers. The Wallet Writer – It gives your wallet a place for you to write on. Basically it look like it is a mini version of the International Shirt Pocket Briefcase that now fits in your back pocket.

I really like this idea as there are times I don't carry my International Shirt Pocket Briefcase with me. It is rare but there are times that it is just not necessary to have with me. But then I need to take a few notes – Too hard to do on a napkin and way too easy to loose, Can't write on my business card as they are double sided and full color glossy. Now this products comes to the rescue. You are now guaranteed a place and means to write down the notes you needed to remember – Such as a book you wanted to read, a persons name and email, a street address or what ever strikes you at the moment of revelation. I know I find it much easier to use this analog way – Pencil / Pen and paper then taking notes or tidbits of info and putting it into an electronic device.

From what I read the cards are the same stock as their cards for the Shirt Pocket Briefcase – Which in my humble opinion are really nice quality and I use them all the time. These cards have a grid design on one side and rule lines on the other. I would prefer they were grid design on both sides. – The wallet comes with 50 cards and the refills are 300 cards for $18 dollars – again not a bad price for the quality of the cards.

Levenger's makes the wallet in three different styles – Billfod style for men, a compact snap style for women, and a business card holder for unisex. Of course these are made of their high quality soft full-grain leather in a range of different colors (Black, Red and Toffee). The prices for these range from $42 to $58 – $42 for the Card Wallet Writer, and $58 for either of the men's or women's wallet version. The Photo above is of the Card Wallet Writer.

If anyone is using one of these please use the comment section as I would love to hear what you think of yours.  Or if you have any other suggestions or ideas on this let me know.


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Fountain Pen Storage

Posted on November 15th, 2006 by Merlin.
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Now that I am becoming more of a collector of fountain pens I have been looking for a nice way to store my pen that will keep them save and neat. I had a few spare moments to stop at the local art store near me. Prizm Art Store on McKnight Road in Pittsburgh.

Well I found a nice neat way to store my pens. A Leather Zippered Pencil Case. Here is what I found at Jerry's Artarama. The only different I can see it that the local store has these much cheaper. I only paid $12 for a case that would hold 48 pencils or about 24 fountain pens. The case is dual zippered each half hold 24 colored pencils or 12 fountain pens. The way the case fold and closes keeps the pens from falling out and there are elastic straps to slip the fountain pens into to keep them from bouncing around once they are placed in their new home.  I am so happy to have spotted this and makes the desk a little neater and clears up the olde pen cup.


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Custom Leather Moleskine Cover

Posted on October 24th, 2006 by Merlin.
Categories: Anything Else, Communication, Craft, Hack, Journaling, Leather, Miquelrius, Moleskine.

Morningbreeze Blog has a beautiful leather cover that was custom made for their moleskines that they use. As you can see from the photo to the left that this cover compliments the moleskine. It seems to be the nice high gloss leather surface. There is also a place for a pen to call home at the top of the moleskine. Very nice indeed as you have it all in one location. This seems to be fairly similar to the leather cover that I made for my Miguelrius Notebook. I would assume this will protect the moleskine as much as the leather cover I made. This will keep everything nice and neat.

Great Job MorningBreeze!

 Link to Morning BreezeBlog Entry


Moleskine Miguelrius Journal Notebook cover Leather Fountain Pen Custom



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