Miquelrius Journals – On Sale – Moleskine Replacements

Posted on December 15th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Miquelrius Journals - Paper for Fountain PensOn sale for the next few day are the Miquelrius Journals that I love an chat about here on Merlins Tower.
I really do use these everyday for my notes and ideas. And Now I can help you save some money on these journals.

To see all the Miquelrius Journals Click Here – NOW! or the link might run and hide from you LOL! Or the Special will run out.

The special is if you order over $35 dollars you will get 25% off and upgraded to 3day shipping at no additional cost over the regular shipping price.

To get this offer Type in this following code 25OFF – But what if you are not ordering over $35 dollars then Use the word 15Off and you will get 15 % off your entire order. Wow nice to same some cash at Christmas Time.

Just thought I would share this with everyone – Enjoy and Happy Holidays from the Tower.

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Cool Tool: Authentics Pen Clip for Moleskines and Other Journals

Posted on December 2nd, 2007 by Merlin.
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The Authentic Pen ClipI recently found this pen clip while stumbling around the web and this happens to be a really cool tool. It is made by Authentics – Just called the Pen Clip from what I can ascertain from the Japanese website I saw.

This Pen Clip can be used on a side of a journal like the photo to the left. And yes that looks like the Moleskine Notebook with the Pen Clip attached. But you can use this clip with other types of journals as well.

I have been looking around this morning and I am unable to find a place to purchase one of these really cool pen clips. So, If you know where I can get one please leave me a comment.

Pen Clip with Lamy
Here is the Pen Clip with my one of my favorite pens the Lamy Safari


Pen Clip on Side
Here is what the pen clip looks holding a Mechanical Pencil


The Authentic Pen Clip
Here is what the Pen clip looks like naked without a journal


Pen Clip on Leather Journal
Here is the Pen Clip attached to a Leather Journal Cover
Doesn’t need to be used on a spine of a journal.


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Moleskine Museum – Photography of Various Historical Moleskine Notebooks

Posted on June 16th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Today, while I finally had a few moments to peruse the web and finally catch up on a few of my favorite websites and blogs. Let me tell you it was really nice to site down with a nice cup of coffee from the aeropress coffee maker (Still using it and loving it more and more each cup of coffee I make from it)

Well, even though I have not used a Moleskine Notebook in quite some time – (Since I switched to Miguelrius Notebooks) I still like to keep up and see if there would be anything I could use or be interested in. Well, today I noticed what I call the Moleskine Museum. It is a collection of journals and notebooks used by famous or semi famous people. You can see photographs from Picassos Notebook cover to James Chapin, Paul Bowles, Guillame Apollinaire, Georges Bataille, and Emily Sowden. Below is a sample from James Chapin.

James Chapin Notebook

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Video: Helpdesk Support for using a Journal / Notebook

Posted on March 7th, 2007 by Merlin.
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As many of you well know things we take for granted were once new to someone at some point of time. This video skit is just about that fact. What if there was a help desk in the middle ages when the paper journal was first introduced to the monks that only used paper scrolls? How would you explain it to the end user? What would you say and do?

Would you know how to use it if you were used to using a paper scroll?

What were the advantages and disadvantages of using one?

I really enjoyed this video and had to share it. So sit back and enjoy – Warning this is in dutch  Norwegian (Thank you, JEM –  I stand Corrected – I just wrote was I was told it was) with English Subtitles but still worth it.

 YouTube Preview Image

Middle Age Tech Support


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Miguelrius Journals Found in Target

Posted on March 1st, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Journaling, Miquelrius.

Recently a reader submitted a few comments to the Miguelrius Journal article I wrote that he has found the Miguelrius Lined Journals in the clearance section of Target. 

If any other find them – Please let us know where and how much

Today I am going to hit a few of the Targets in my area (Pittsburgh, PA) to see if they have any.

Joe reported the are only $3.95 each.

Thanks Joe for reporting that back to all of us.

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Just Found – Tornado Elite Pencil

Posted on January 7th, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Art, Gadgets, Journaling, Leather, Miquelrius, Office, Photography, Sketching.

I totally forgot that I even owned this pencil The Retro 51 Tornado Elite Pencil – I was received this Mechanical Pencil over 2 Years Ago and I thought I has lost this forever when one day it just dissapeared.


Retro 51 Tornado Elite Pencil


But so I happened to be digging in one of my Photography bags and low and behold this was stuck at the bottom just waiting to be found again. I really like this Mechanical Pencil as it was so classy looking but has an aire about itself.

The one I received was the Stainless Steel Version with a beautiful matte finish to it. The clip is very strong and will hold this pencil in place where ever you put it. (Unless You don't clip it to anything like me and Don't check the bottom of the bag Frown)

I bought this to go along with my Business Card / reporter style notebook (Another Gift as well). I was using this to take notes and sketches while shooting some photographs. It was the prefect size too only 3.5 Inches long and clipped to the Reporter Notebook Easily and it stayed in place.

What I really liked about it was the Lead Size. This Pencil Requires a 1.1mm Lead which is a much heavier line then the standard .5mm or .7 Mechanical Pencils. Plus I loved the fact that this was a twist knob top to advance the lead. This is just one very stylish looking mechanical pencil. I was upset when I could not find this pencil anymore (well more possibly upset over the cost of it and that I only had it several months)

The Current price of this Retro 51 Elite Pencil is $14.95 with a few extra leads. It was just the right price. Not too expensive but still not cheap.

I think I will be using this again for quick sketches I make and ideas. Plus this clips onto my Leather Jacket I made for my Miquelrius Journal nicely So I can have both Fountain Pen and Pencil within Easy Access.

The only drawback is that it doesn't come with an eraser built onto this pencil. So, if you need to erase something you need to carry an eraser pen with you. This doesn't bother me as I like to doodle and draw with it thus I don't need the eraser portion.

Can be Bought as "The Writers Edge

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