Update: Shaving with the Merkur HD Razor

Posted on March 28th, 2007 by Merlin.
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Just writing a quick update on the progress using the Merkur Heavy Duty Razor. I have been shaving with it for about 2 weeks and I have to say I am really getting to like shaving with this razor. It really is one of the best shaves I have ever had. But as I may have mentioned this does take longer to shave with then the mach 3 razor but the shave is much much better.

As I previously mentioned Shaving is no longer a chore of something that I need to do everyday but actually a time to relax and enjoy the experience of shaving. I never believed what other wrote stating those very words but it really is true.

All Though you definitely have to be more careful with your strokes as you shave your face or you might nik yourself. I have only nicked myself twice and both have been small little nicks the septic pencil easily took care of.

The whole ritual of from lathering up the face with rich warm lather to the small strokes shaving away the lather and stubble is zen like. Now if I could only shave better using my left hand.

Now a few notes of interest: I did receive my shipment of various blades in from LetterK and I again highly recommend this as there really are differences in the feel of a cheap blade and a better quality blade with out much price difference. The First few shaves I was using the only blades I had on hand from family dollar which were really good and no nicks from them. However I did switch to a derby feather blade and it glided much easier across the skin and this one I did get a nik from. I should have listened to the forums and practiced more with the duller blades. I then switched to a merkur blade and have not had any problems at all. I will try each one and see which ones I like and don’t like using and that is what I will continue shaving with. I can see trying different shaving creams starting to come into play. I really want to try different ones. Currently I am still only using the Prorasso Shave Tub and it really is working like a charm. I really get a nice rich lather from it and I love the smell and the cool sensation. But I really want to get my hand on a few others and compare and contrast the differences. I need to find some samples of these as well.

Again I fully recommend switching to a double edge safety razor because of the cost and the quality of the shave.

Merlin -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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My Merkur HD Arrived: My First Shave

Posted on March 15th, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Health, Human, Shaving.

The Merkur Heavy Duty HD razorWell I checked the mail early yesterday and I thought I  didn't get my Merkur HD Razor – But I had to run out and get a few things in the evening and there was a package at my door stoop (I guess the Mail Man delivered them at different times). My first Double Edge Razor arrived. Once I got back home I unpackaged it and inspected the razor that may or may not change how I perform my daily shaving ritual.

It really is quite heavy. I really like the feel of the heft in my hand. It really is quite balanced and made really well. At first I was a little apprehensive to this razor. I could not believe I bought this and was going to try and shave with this device.

First I had to try and and load this with a new blade. I unwrapped one of the blades I had to use – Once these blades are out of the packaging I was really amazed how extremely thin a Double Edge Razor Blade really is. I gently placed a new blade into the Merkur Razor and put on the top piece. I then turned the knob on the bottom of the razor and screwed it all together. Once inside I noticed the razor slightly curves the Double Edge Razor Blade to allow it better contact with the stubble.

Well, I did want to try this out – But was again apprehensive to try this on my face first. So out comes the shave cream and I made a small amount of lather and lathered up the back of my hand. Several people on the Shave Forums (see Additional resources below) mention to try it out on the back of your hand first to get the proper angle of the blade and to see in front of you the best way to hold it and attempt a shave. I then proceeded to shave the small hairs on the back of my hand and wrist. First Attempt of shaving with it and no nicks or cuts. SO far so good. I then cleaned it up and put it away until this morning.

Feeling a bit better about shaving with this as I did not cut my hand. I proceeded to prepare my morning shave. I put the shave brush in my lather cup and let it sit there for a few moments to warm up the brush. During this tiime I wet down my face and cleaned it up and prepared it to be lathered up. I usually splash the hot water on and rub it around for a few mins to soften the stubble. Now I prepare to make my hot lather and brush it on my face. Making sure to swirl it around to get the stubble to stand up and be readied to be shaved.

After applying the later I was ready to take my first whack at shaving with the DE razor. With out any pressure at all – I slowly pulled the blade across my face chopping down the stubble that have been growing there. I used very small short strokes. Again this is something I learned on the forums.  The two biggest mistakes they seem to always mention on them is that to use small strokes and to make sure you do not apply pressure. I completed my first shave. Time to re-lather and this time I tried going against the grain with the razor.

I then cleaned my face from the lather and shocked my face by throwing on some cold water to close the pores up.  I felt my shave – It was much better then the Mach 3 Ever shaved. I did have a few places like under my chin that was not perfect . But this has to be the best shave I ever have had.

Yes I survived the ordeal of my first shave with out any nicks or cuts. I didn't have to use a septic pencil at all. After my face dried from my aftershave. I felt my face for any left over stubble. I have to say for my first shave I did a pretty decent job – I am sure I will get better the more I used this. But still my face never felt this close of a shave.

If you are teetering on wither to purchase a Double Edge Razor – well from my first experience I would recommend getting one. Make sure to get a set of blades for it and practice with it. You will not regret it. After only one shave I can say I would recommend it.

So A11en – Start ordering your's soon. You will not regret it one bit. And you will love the cost savings on the blades.


 Additional Resources:

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Geo F. Trumper Shaving Cream – New Review

Posted on March 13th, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Health, Life, Shaving.

Geo F Trumper Shaving Cream - Almond Trumper Shaving CreamI just received some Geo F. Trumper Shaving Cream. A close friend of mine that reads my blog received a straight razor kit as a gift / prize from a function that he attended for a local fund raiser.

He told me that never got into using the straight razor but he likes the straight razor as a cool letter opener.

The straight razor kit he received also came with the essentials needed for performing a good wet shave. He told me that this kit included the razor, one shaving brush, some mens skin care products, and two containers of trumper shaving cream. He told me he never used the shaving cream and figured I would want to try it out. So freecycling at it finest.

This Geo F. Trumper Shaving Cream has to be the nicest smelling shave cream I have ever smelled. I am not an expert but I have been stopping in some stores and smelling the various types to see which ones I like to use. I have not seen this Geo F. Trumper Saving Cream for sale at any of the local stores so I might just have to try and find a good price online when I eventually run of of this shaving cream.

What Geo F. Trumper Says on their webpage:

The Trumper Shaving Cream – Almond Range is exceptionally soothing and softening. Wrapped in a warm, refreshing, nutty aroma, the caressing touch of sweet almond nourishes a gentleman's skin in the notably luxurious way so truly unique to Trumper. The unique enriching properties of the almond range allow those with dry or normal skin to enjoy fully the pleasures of grooming.

Review: As the ad states the Trumper Shaving Cream is a very rich and wonderful smelling shaving product. The aroma of this is very pleasant and wonderful. Trumper Shaving cream comes in nice plastic tub allowing this to be used easily used with any brush. I use a old wide coffee cup / soup bowl with a handle.  In this I put in some hot watter and soak my shaving brush for several minutes while I wash my face and soften my stubble. Then I empty the hot water out of the cup and shake out the brush. I then run the brush several times over the top of the Trumper Shaving Cream in its tub. But I make the foam used to shave in the heated mug. I mix up the foam in the bowl for about 1 to 2 minutes of time. I find I don't waist as much of the shaving cream this way and the foam becomes very foamy and rich. During my trial run of Trumpers Shaving Cream I found it was very easy to get a very nice rich lather from this. And as I mentioned the aroma from this was very pleasant and soothing. I really liked the light floral and  just a hint of almond smell compared to the menthol smell from Prorasso Shaving Cream. The Lather went on very nicely and and the felt wonderful to the face. Honestly I could not tell if the Trumpers Shaving Cream was any better for cutting my stubble but it really left my face very smooth and my skin felt very good afterwards. So in my humble opinion if you want a nice combination floral and nutty aroma, rich lather, I would highly recommend purchasing a tub of the Trumper Shaving Cream.

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My Next Step in Shaving – Purchased a Merkur Razor

Posted on March 12th, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Health, Shaving.

Merkur HD Razor - Heavy Duty RazorAs many have seen here on my blog that I enjoy the art of shaving – I have been using a Shave Brush to create a nice hot shaving lather to help me enjoy my shaving that much more – Well Today I steped up to the big time. I just received notification that my new razor is being shipped today and I should have it with in the week.

I just purchased a Merkur HD Razor (Heavy Duty Razor) – This is a nice beginner / new single edge shaver. Yes I am experienced in wet shaving but very new to the whole single blade razor. I will give you my updates as the week / month progresses. I have been shaving with a Gillette Mach 3 Razor and just had to purchase some new blades for this and their price is just getting out of hand. I got 4 blades for $9 – or $2.25 a blade – Since I get about 10 to 15 shaves out of a blade that is about $.15 to $.23 Cents per shave – Not that much I usually go through 3 blades a month or about $6.75 a month for just the blades alone. This is a total of about $81 a year – That is a pretty good savings.

Now that I just purchased a new handle (The Merkur HD Razor) the blades only cost $5.99 for a 10 pack of blades (These from what I read are the top of the line – Razor Sharp and the best quality that can be purchased – I am told you can also get about 10 to 15 shaves from a DE (Double Edge Blade Before Changing) – Here is the cost breakdown – $.59 cents per blade – or about $.06 per shave at the low end of the spectrum. This would still be 3 blades a month at $1.77 a month or $21.25 a year. This is a grand saving of $60 a year at the low end again. This more then covered the cost of the razor and all the accessories I am currently using even for the Gillette Mach 3 Wet Shaves. So just think how much can be saved over the lifetime of this razor. I do understand there is some learning curve with the double edge blades as the head of it doesn't pivot like a Mach 3 head. But I know I can handle the change. I can not wait.

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