Apple Safari Brower For Windows: Fixing the Font Issue

Posted on June 17th, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Safari, Tutorial, Web Service.

Below is a my guide on how to fix the font issue after installing Safari Browers for Windows.

My Issue is I love fonts and have several hundred installed from Free Fonts and many other font resources on the web (Another Article some day) Well, my love of fonts seems to have choked the Safari Browser for Windows. The Issue is Safari scans the system every time it loads and updates the font list. So the simple solution is to follow the directions below and and when you restart the Safari Browser most if not all of your font problems will be gone.

1) Download the Fonts.Plist from here. (Right Click and Save Link as) to a location you can keep it on as if you upgrade to a newer version you may need to replace it again. I Suggest creating a directory such as “c:\Safari Extras” and save it there.

2) Open up Windows Explorer and make sure you have set Show Hidden files and folders radio button set (To Set this click on –Tools– –Folder Options– Click on the second Tab –View– and in the section called Hidden Files and folders you will find the radio button to press. See below for what it looks like.


Folder Options Windows Explorer

3) Now go to the following directory:

Using Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name Here\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\Safari

Using Windows Vista
C:\Users\Your User Name Here\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\Safari

Now Copy the fonts.plist you download earlier over the file located in the directory for the version of windows you are using. I see no need to keep a copy of this as if you want to recreate it run Safari for windows without it being there but if you want feel free to rename if to fontsold.plist

Now you want to right click on this file an click on properties and make sure the read-only check box is checked.

If not Safari will over write this file and you have to copy it again.

You can view this fonts.plist file using notepad and if you do you may notice I have a few fonts in there that are not normally installed such as the Helvetica Fonts – These are required if you want to see the RSS Feeds as the main.css file located in:

C:\Program Files\Safari\PubSub.resources

Points to Helvetica as the default font

This is why you can not see the Washington Post Link under the News dropdown. or Any of the RSS Feeds.

The Fonts I have for Helvetica are as follows and can be found here.

The fonts you need to download are: Not sure which ones you need but better safe then sorry. :-)

Helvetica Bold
Helvetica Bold Oblique
Helvetica Condensed
Helvetica Condensed Bold
Helvetica Condensed Bold Italic
Helvetica Condensed Italic
Helvetica Narrow
Helvetica Narrow Bold
Helvetica Narrow Bold Oblique
Helvetica Narrow Oblique
Helvetica Oblique

Make sure to install these into your Windows Font Directory and restart your system.

This is located:


Well that is it – Now you can run Safari for Windows and see the pages you want.

The reason I understand this is happening is that Apple decided to render all the font in its own font engine and not use the built in windows one. This also makes the fonts you see on the screen slightly blurry – this is Apples form of Clear Type working to help reduce eye strain.

Hope this helps everyone that is having this problem.

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I hate Automated Customer Service Systems and A Solution

Posted on March 13th, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Communication, Hack, Human, Tutorial, Web Service.

Frustrated on HoldI had a horrible time this morning – I had to call and get some paperwork straightened out about my vehicle. I had to call the bank the used to have my auto loan and try and get them to send out some paperwork that dealt with a lean on my vehicle that doesn't exist anymore and had not since 2003. Well, this morning I went through Customer Support H E Double Hockey Sticks. I really despise those automated voice prompt systems. (And I used to work with one at my previous job) But they seem to be getting harder to use.

I used to know the trick of pressing 0 to get a customer support specialist – well now they switched up and when you don't press anything or keep pressing the wrong buttons it switches over to the computer telling you to please speak your answer instead of connecting to a human.

Is it me or do those computer voice recgnotion systems really make things worse. After I tried pressing 0 – I was put into the voice prompt maze – Say 1 for this – Say 2 for that – say 3 for anything but the human I desired to talk to (Heck I would have been happy to even talk to a script reading operator located in some foreign land).

Since my issue is not that common (At Least I hope is it not that common) to have it's own voice prompt menu item. I kept switching from menu to menu and back over a few again – trying to find the correct combination to get to a person or by chance to a menu system that may have what I was calling about.

Now – the really furious thing happened  – The computer said it was not sure what I wanted to do and was told to call back when I had had all the proper information and proceeded to promptly hang up on me. Ouch 17 mins wasted in a phone menu maze and then the system hung up on. Yes, HUNG UP ON ME – How rude and very poor customer service.

Well I proceeded to check the internet to find alternative ways to get ahold of someone at this bank – Which honestly I should have checked in the first place and was able to find this God Send of a website — Get Human .COM — Using the database I was able to find the 800 number (The Same One I previously called) and it had all the keystrokes I needed to get to a human being right away.

This time around I was talking to a live human that was able to help me in a matter of only a few minutes and was able to send me out all the paperwork I needed. Complete phone call 7 minutes. I am so happy that I found this website and I just had to share this experience with you.

Make sure you share this website with your friends and family. Print out a list and keep it in your daytimer if you use one. This can be a big timesaver for everyone.

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Video: Helpdesk Support for using a Journal / Notebook

Posted on March 7th, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Anything Else, Communication, Journaling, Miquelrius, Moleskine, Notetaking, Tutorial, Video, Weird Stuff, YouTube.

As many of you well know things we take for granted were once new to someone at some point of time. This video skit is just about that fact. What if there was a help desk in the middle ages when the paper journal was first introduced to the monks that only used paper scrolls? How would you explain it to the end user? What would you say and do?

Would you know how to use it if you were used to using a paper scroll?

What were the advantages and disadvantages of using one?

I really enjoyed this video and had to share it. So sit back and enjoy – Warning this is in dutch  Norwegian (Thank you, JEM –  I stand Corrected – I just wrote was I was told it was) with English Subtitles but still worth it.

 YouTube Preview Image

Middle Age Tech Support


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The Art of Shaving: Part 1 With Video

Posted on March 1st, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Gadgets, Hack, Health, Life, Shaving, Tutorial.

A friend of mine was telling me about the Martha Stewart Show last week where she did a special mens day all about Mens Grooming. (No, he doesnt' watch it normally – His Wife Tivo's the show and called him in to share it with him) He told me they demonstrated how to do a wet shave. You know the kind I have talked about before using a nice lather with brush and then shaving with a good razor. Well I didn't have access to the Martha Stewart show but instead I came across this video that I am about to share with you. Today is the Introductory: Part 1 on how to wet shave. But first back to Martha Stewart show. He told me they recommend this book The Art of Shaving and their shaving products. I have personally used some of the products and they are great to use (just love the scent and feel afterwards) and the feeling that you get from shaving the correct way is a pleasure and not a chore as mentioned in the following video. 

YouTube Preview Image 

Enjoy and part 2 will be coming soon.

Past Articles on Shaving that might be of interest are:

Free Shaving Samples
Searching4Arcadia Shaving Articles 


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DIY: How to make your own Parchment Paper

Posted on February 18th, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Art, Coffee, Craft, DIY, Hack, Journaling, Leather, Tutorial.

Sample of Chared ParchmentToday I decided to write about a project I did some time ago it was make a new sheet of paper look old. Or how to make some good olde fashioned parchment paper. To the left is an example of what it could look like

First – I wrote in my best calligraphy handwriting on the page – (I used a heavier high cotton blend for the fiber look and feel).

I had to use Noodlers black ink as this ink will not run when adding the paper coloring. I let this dry while I gathered up the rest of the items needed.

  • 1 cup of strong brewed coffee (I made two – one for me to drink while working on the Calligraphy and one to sit and wait till the right time to be put to use)
  • 1 tablespoon of any instant coffee (This is to add the extra color on to the paper in a varied pattern)
  • 1 baking pan – large enough for the paper to be put into.
  • 1 sponge or several paper towels
  • an Oven or hair dryer – I prefer the oven method – but both work
    if using the oven pre-heat it to 200-225 degrees
  • An Iron (Optional)
  • A zippo lighter (Optional)
  • Woolen Yarn or Leather Strip (Optional)

Now this is the hard part – after you finished the calligraphy work on the paper – You need to first tear the edges in varied patter to give it that old torn look (Do this if you want to) Doing this before adding the color helps the edges get better coloring in them. Next is the really hard part – you need to crinkle the paper up into a small / medium size ball. Then you need to unball it and flatten it down – almost flat but will some of the crinkles still showing to hold the coffee to help break up the solid pattern of color.

Place the flattened sheet into the pan and pour the coffee all over the page. Making sure to cover the whole page. 

Now wait a few moments or about 1 min then sprinkle the instant coffee randomly across the page. Don't make it even as these will soon dissolve and give the page that extra color that will make it look more like beautiful old parchment paper.  

Next you want to use the sponge to blog the coffee off the paper – I waited about 2 or 3 mins to let it soak in. Use different amounts of time depending on how much color you want.

Now empty any remaining coffee back into a cup if you intend to do another sheet or throw it away. (I heard coffee grounds were good for some plants – I wonder if you could use this for some of them plants)  

Now put the paper on the tray into the oven for about 5 to 7 mins. (Make sure to watch and check often – you don't want the paper to burn after all this work)

The last step is optional – I used an iron on low setting to remove all the creases in the paper and make it flat again. Some people will like the the creases in the paper. It does look good both ways.

Now this last step is also optional – I only did this to one of my parchments and it looked really classy but I was afraid of redoing all my work. Get out the zippo lighter and light it up and get near the edges to "Burn" them slightly. This really will give it that old world look – just like this was an old pirate treasure map.

Now you can mouth this in a frame or if you want to use these for other uses you can roll this up and tie a woolen piece of yarn around it or a strip of leather to tie it with a bow. 

You can use this for creating a beautiful love poem for your wife or girlfriend, or if you are having a party and want to have some cool invitation (Great for a kids Pirate Party) or You are running a scavenger hunt – these make cool looking location maps or scavenger hunt lists. The Ideas for what you can use this for is endless. I have seen a photo printed out on a laser printer in a grey scale pattern to make the photo look like an old sepia type print.

Good luck and Stay warm (Brr)

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Guide to Writing in Elvish – Free Online Tutorial

Posted on January 29th, 2007 by Merlin.
Categories: Anything Else, Art, Communication, Drawing, Freeware, Hack, Journaling, Movies, Sketching, Tutorial, Weird Stuff.

How to Write Merlins Tower in ElvishHad a long hard week and for some fun I learned a new language – well only learned how to write in Elvish. Ever see those fancy scrolls in Lord of the Rings or any of the other movies / books / games that have Elvish Language written on them? Well This web page has a quick and easy guide on how to convert any english writing in very artistic and fancy elvish writing. Well To the left is my first time trying to write Merlins Tower in Elvish. It really is pretty easy to follow along and accomplish. I can see doing this with a nice broad nibbed fountain pen or a wide italic cut nib. I didn't have any of my wide nibs with me so I had to make due with what I had at hand. This was accomplished with my art book using a find sharpie marker to get the nice broad strokes. (I filled in the lines I drew) I really want to try this out with some of my calligraphy pens when I have a free moment. This guide can be printed out for ease of use. This would be pretty good for making your own scrolls and Mystical Books. Or if you just want to hide what you are writing.

Well thats all for today – Enjoy – Stay Warm and enjoy some nice tobacco in your pipe – You know I am. 8 :-?  <– Merlin Smoking a Pipe  

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