Kickstarter – Battery Backup for your Electronic Devices

Posted on February 26th, 2013 by Merlin.
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The Ultra Hight Capacity - Expedition and Adventurer

The Ultra Hight Capacity – Expedition and Adventurer

Here is a project I can get behind. I have backed about 10 different Kickstarter Projects and this is another one of their amazing ideas put into actions. I am backing the Ultimate Backup Battery.  There are three different units. I backed the 11,250 mAh Battery pack. It is stated to only take 4 to 6 hours to charge and after fully charged it can charge an iPad 1.5 times and an iPhone 7 to 10 times. This unit can last between charges too. I read on their Facebook page – a 6 week test – from freezing to 120 degrees and different altitudes. The unit only lost 1/4 of its battery power. This is mainly due to the slight circuit that checks the battery usage. I used to use the Zagg Spark – but after using it for about 9 months it failed to do any charging. They were nice enough to replace it – but the replacement unit soon failed too.  3 days past their warranty period for the replacement and I was told I would need to purchase a new one.  I loved having a nice battery pack around. Long Drives, Sitting outdoors listening to music, may places there are no outlets. So I am placing an order for the Ultra – HighCapacity “The Expedition” with dual outputs. I think I am going to order the Black one. To allow me to make a few nice vinyl cut stickers to place on the unit.



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Virtual Sound – Auditory Illusions and Phase 4 Stereo

Posted on April 11th, 2009 by Merlin.
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Auditory Illusions - Holophonic Sounds
I really love my music – I carry it pretty much everywhere I go – I have a Archos 605 Media Player (It is one of the best around) Besides having an iPhone as well.

Recently I added the SRS Audio Sandbox on to my PC to add depth to all the sound and music I play on the computer – I will be writing a more detailed review in the future about this. But in the mean time – If you don’t have it and want your music to really pop – I fully recommend purchasing it for your PC.

This gets me to todays information – Virtual Sounds or Auditory Illusions – I recently came across this Page @ One Mans Blog – about getting a Virtual Haircut – This is amazing recording – They are recorded using what is called Holophonics – I recommend using headphones or the SRS Labs Audio Sandbox – Or even better the SRS Labs Audio Sandbox with Headphones with its headphone 360 mode  – All I can say is WOW – These are really cool and fun to listen to.  

This got me to thinking about some recording my dad used to have and play on the record player – They are the Phase 4 Stereo Recordings from London. I found out you can purchase some of  them at Amazonand I am currently listening to Mantovani by Mantovoni as I write this entry. Amazon list quite a few – and many are only available on LP – To listen and record these you will need a Record player – I recommend using the either of the following two units from Amazon – ( Audio Technica AT-LP2DUSB LP-to-Digital Recording System with USB ) or ( Ion TTUSB Turntable with USB Record ) I  use the Audio Technica one – I don’t own it but I get to borrow it from my brother. Plus don’t forget to check out your local library for some of these records – some are able to be loaned out for your listening pleasure.

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Tiny – Extreemly Small 1 GB USB Drive

Posted on September 24th, 2006 by Merlin.
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ocz-roadster-usb-flash-driveThis drive really is pretty tiny and will easily fit on a keychain for EDC (Every Day Carry) – Even though I like my PQI drive this might be a better option as it has a better cover to protect it from damage. That black cover is just that a cover – The full drive fits inside the usb plug so opening and closing it will not break any wires etc with use like some folding devices do after many uses (ie. Cell Phones) This drive is USB 2.0 and is Plug-and-Play Ready. It will hold 1 gb of data. The price seems to be around $35 from a few places on the net. So I can not wait to possibly pick up one of these to add to my collection. I love using portable tools and apps and I have found these drive a nice addtion to my GTD by always having at hand or keychain all my personal info that I don’t want to loose or have written down in plain ink. Even though I use alot of paper planners there are still somethings that need to be stored on a memory device to carry around. This way I can alway have my backup of all my Contacts, Passwords, etc… and still have plenty of room for the portable apps or items I carry to consulting jobs.

Addtional Resources: OCZ Website


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AA Rechargable Battery – With a Twist Built in USB Port

Posted on September 22nd, 2006 by Merlin.
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Yes, this has to be the coolest rechargable battery that I have ever seen. I can’t wait to purchase a few of these. Don’t know how long we have to wait as it looks like you can only purchase these in the UK right now. But I am pretty sure we will start seeing these in the US and across the world soon as this is the coolest way to use and re-use as the charger is built into the battery itself. The only draw back I see but it really is not that big of a deal is that the battery only is a 1300ma battery. Where a lot of the newer rechargable batteries are 2300ma – But they all require you to have a battery charger with you to charge them. This little battery only requires you to pop the top and plug into the usb port and charge away. They can even plugged into a usb hub. or anything that outputs the 5v required to charge it. They are like any other battery the charge time takes about 5 hours for a full charge from a totally drained state. But you can plug them in anytime to get them back up to life. Plus these are NiMH Batteries and don’t have the “Memory” issue that older Rechargable batteries have.

More Photos

usbcellcamera100usbcellopen USBCELL zoom

Additional Resources: for More info

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Pimp My Office – How to make it FUN

Posted on September 10th, 2006 by Merlin.
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As most of you know I work at home Designing Websites and Playing Computer Doctor. I love what I do but that doesn’t mean I get bored with my workspace – Even if it is at home in my home office.

I just saw a article at Smart Money called The Cool Cubicle – Well I don’t have a cubicle I do have an office space that needs some “Personal Touches”

A few of the articles items to spruce up the cube / office with are: (Well my favorite ideas at least)

The USB Beverage Chiller – It is $19.99 from Xoxide – This little device will run off of your USB Power and keeps your Soda or any beverage of choice a nice 45 Degrees. Great idea on those Hot days and you want to keep working with out running to the fridge and keep watering down your drink with ice.

I also liked the Idea of the Ambient Weather Beacon – I really could have used this when I worked for the bank and they kept all the IT dept in the locked basement and we barely saw the light of day. This device updates itself by checking the latest forecast at the Weather Channel. But you can program this to track other info as well. This can be purchased at Amazon.
This device reminds me of the Gulf Tower in Pittsburgh which would tell the weather based on the color and if it was flashing or not.  (More info on this at Pittsburgh City Paper – You Had to ask Section)

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Extending Your Wireless Reception Cheaply

Posted on June 22nd, 2006 by Merlin.
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Everyone is selling antennas and extenders and all sorts of pieces of technology to extend your wireless reception. But what if you are on a budget like I am? Spouse, mortgage, car payment, 2.5 children, it all adds up to precious little for computer parts. And if your boss has put his foot down and won’t let you order ANYTHING from the internet on the company account. What do you do? Broadband is not a possibility (old house, old wiring old lady) so what is the alternative?

The neighbors! Out of everyone else around me there has to be SOMEONE that has their cable modem or DSL on a wireless router. I have an old notebook that work no longer wanted and it has a built in wireless adapter that is really low powered. No help there. I did a warride and found a few in the area but none could be access from within my house. After all, if their transmissions reach inside my home I can do with them whatever I want, right?

Along comes WOOT! and I get a cheap-o deluxe $14 wireless antenna that I can direct towards any direction I want. I slap it in and scan for available wireless networks. SUCSESS! FAILURE! SUCCESS! FAILURE! SUCCESS! ARRRRGHH!!! I get better reception but nothing that allows me to do anything more than wish my house weren’t made of bricks 100 years ago.

I google for ways to enhance my reception and I see all these propeller heads that have built these “wireless guns” that look like AR-15 rifles and antenna extenders right out of Johnny Quest. I am just an old hack trying to get around rewiring my entire house just so I can surf ebay faster.

I go into the kitchen to get a bowl of generic Corn Chex cereal and while I am scooping the spoon as fast as I can into my mouth before bed I wonder… will this metal bowl work? Not remembering any of my College Physics at the moment I can bring to mind the last episode of the Red Green Show. DUCT TAPE TO THE RESUCE!

I have an old speaker stand, some tape, a cheap USB wireless adapter, and a metal cereal bowl. Shucks, just try it and see if it works.

antenna[1] bowl[1]

Don’t laugh. It drags in a signal. It is weak but it is reliable and I usually get 11 mb throughput.

Check with the laws in your area but privacy rights usually rule and if your neighbor is putting out an unsecure signal and it enters your home what you do with it is your business.


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